Thursday, April 05, 2007

Colin Cowherd: Proof positive that the worldwide leader is the root of all evil

The Big Lead is a great blog. It's a blog that quickly became a daily must read, and has broken stories that the complacent MSM were too clueless to move on. They've been kind enough to link to TWFE a few times, and they also share a distaste for all things Rob Parker, so you know they are kindred spirits.

Today, the MSM struck back at blogs, and with extreme malice. The Big Lead was taken off line in a DDoS attack today, which was orchestrated by a talentless hack, the worldwide leader radio's Colin Cowherd.

Cowherd asked all his listeners, mostly small town sheep, as Cowherd's show isn't carried in most major markets, to all visit The Big Lead, and crash their servers. As of 8 pm est, the site is still down.

Cowherd using 2 hands to count his big market listeners, or is he calculating his IQ?

To the credit of Detroit radio, this hack is not carried in this market. The only way he can be heard is if you live on the far west side, and can tune in the the asthmatic hamster powered signal of Wolverines media mouthpiece, WTKA in Ann Arbor. Which thankfully means the majority of Detroit doesn't even know this clown exists. All the better for us.

EDSBS, Deadspin, The Fanhouse, to name just a few of the blogging big boys, are understandably furious over Cowherd's malicious douchebaggery. In fact, this is becoming a rallying point with the entire blogosphere.

This isn't the first time Cowherd has locked horns with sports blogs. Last year, he blatantly stole material from Michigan's own M Zone. The web erupted, and swamped the worldwide leader with e-mail. After first denying everything, the worldwide leader forced him into giving a half assed apology. Seems this asswipe hasn't learned a thing.

One of the reasons I started TWFE was that the MSM had become lazy, boring, and outright incompetent. The MSM long ago had stopped giving the kind of analysis sports fans like myself were clamoring for on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the Peter Gammons of the MSM world are becoming harder and harder to find. They are an endangered species, as that world is being taken over by thieving hacks the like of Colin Cowherd.

The blogosphere has been fighting back against an increasingly hostile MSM. Blogs like Fire Joe Morgan and Awful Announcing has taken it to the next level, exposing MSM stupidity at every opportunity. They have not been lacking for material. Anyone that reads TWFE even just occasionally has seen the war I've declared on Detroit's own functionally retarded hack, Rob Parker. Today, the whip smart MGoBlog escalated their own ongoing MSM hostilities, with a scathing post dropping the hammer on consistently wrong rumor monger Terry Foster.

You know where I go first for my sports fix anymore? Just look at my sidebar. There's more smart, entertaining and informative writing there than the MSM could even dream of giving the educated sports fan.

Cowherd's actions today shows the complete lack of respect most of the MSM has for blogs. It's also a sign of fear. Other than being a malicious prick, why does someone working for one of the most powerful media conglomerates in the world feel the need to use his bully pulpit to take down a blog? The Big Lead, to be honest, though influential, has a fraction of Cowherd's audience. Was he insecure? Afraid? Just a dick? Probably all of the above.

I often kid to the GF that listening to sports talk radio is slowly lowering my IQ. With asinine stunts like Cowherd's, it's obvious that I'm not the one with intelligence issues.


  1. Yes, they told him to do a crimnal act so they can get sued. Smart.

  2. Bravo, Big Al. This could be a mission statement.

    I found out about this indirectly, as I wanted to link to something from The Big Lead for tomorrow, and now I can't get to it. So HELL YEAH, this pisses me off!

    Cowherd is a total snob, which these actions confirm (along with him being an asshole and bully). I see why ESPN Radio has him on its network because he constantly sucks up to big business, large markets (despite not being on in some of them), and corporate interests. (Compare that to his anti-authoritarian predecessor, Tony Kornheiser.)

    So with the M Zone incident, blogs were so insignificant that they didn't even warrant proper attribution. But now, they're so much of a threat that he has to resort to asking his audience to crash TBL's server? That makes about as much sense as most of his "arguments" that he tries to push on his show each day.

  3. Cowherd stinks. That's the bottom line. Unfortunately in the Great White North (literally again) our local sports radio station carries him. I do shut the radio off when he comes on, I just can't stand listening to the garbage that spews out.

    Great post Big Al!

  4. The Sports Hernia4/06/2007 1:49 PM

    What a tremendous Douche Receptacle this guy is. Here's our toast to the Hedgehog lookin' Shrutebag:

    Douche Receptacle of the week