Thursday, April 05, 2007

Detroit Tigers snap judgements

Two games into the Tigers season is much too early to form any opinions. But we won't let that stop us here at TWFE. Just what have we liked, and disliked, so far this season?


The weather on opening day.

Those AL championship rings sure are purty.

So was the pennant that was raised.

Jeremy Bonderman's 2nd thru 6th innings of his first start.

Placido Polanco looks like a legitimate threat for the batting title. I'm surprised when he doesn't get on base.

Todd Jones hasn't given up a run.

Nate Robertson pitched very well despite brutal weather. I think he's going to pick up the slack in the Gambler's absence.

In a stunning development, 12 walks in 2 games!? the Tigers showed remarkable patience at the plate, going deep into the counts on 2 very good pitchers, Hollander and Burnett.

A team OBP of .360.

Curtis Granderson is playing like an all star.

Joel Zumaya.

That it's too early to watch the scoreboard and standings.

When you do look at the standings, and see the ChiSox without a win.

Watching the Indians blow up in the 9th, giving the Sox a win.


Injuries to key players.

The weather since opening day.

We've seen nowhere near the team defense we saw last season.

A team era of 6.03.

Binge and His Clutchiness are currently hitting like they actually belong in the 8 and 9 holes in the order.

Bonderman's 1st inning, another in his disturbing history of slow starts.

Todd Jones allows more baserunners than any closer, EVER. I honestly don't know how he gets away with it.

Magglio Ordonez should be DHing. Unfortunately, that won't happen for 3 MORE YEARS!

No Marcus Thames sightings.

There have been sightings of The Black Hole of Suck.

Sean Casey coming up to the plate in twice in bases loaded with less than 2 out situations, and leaving the bases loaded both times. That's no way to curry favor with the sabermetric wonks.

We haven't seen the good Fernando Rodney yet, just the Rodney who allows baserunners at a Jonesian rate.

Jason Grilli.

Can't help but look at the standings, and notice that the Indians and Twins are off to hot starts.

The ChiSox getting off the schneid.

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