Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Rod Allen drinking game

As there isn't much you can say about tonight's 1 run loss to the Devil Rays, other than "EVERYBODY PANIC," and that I "Got nuttin," I thought I'd post a drinking game that was in a Rod Allen thread over at I have to say, other than I wish I could take credit, if I had attempted this during my Rod Allen live blog, I would have been typing incoherently by the 6th inning. Sounds like something I should try. Should I? You would have to adjust the drink totals, but it could be done. Definitely something to ponder. But I digress...

In honor of the greatest Tigers TV analyist since Kirk Gibson, I give you, "The Rod Allen Drinking Game."


When Rod says “Mario” or “pardner.”


When Rod says “elevated.”

When Rod says “skipper.”


When Rod makes any kind of reference to a player or his ability being “special.”

When Rod says the phrase “Oh no he didn’t.”

When Rod says the phrase “from time to time.”

When Rod says “cheese.”

When Rod says “features,” “featuring” or “featured.”

When Rod refers to Jim Leyland as a “beauty.”

When Rod says “filthy.”

When Rod repeats a statement or point he made earlier in the game.


Whenever Rod says he talked to someone at batting practice.

When Rod says the phrase “professional hitter.”


When Rod makes reference to his coaching/broadcasting career in Arizona.

When Rod makes reference to Kenny Rogers’ influence on the young pitching staff.

Whenever Rod makes the statement “some kind of _____.” (IE: Some kind of smooth)

Whenever Rod talks about the benefit to a defense when a young pitcher works quickly.

When Mike Maroth is pitching and Rod mentions Tom Glavine’s influence on him.


When Rod asks Mario if he worked out today. » Drink double if he asks this during a home game.

When Rod makes reference to cotton candy. » Drink double if he makes reference to pink cotton candy.

When Rod makes reference to how much fun Pudge is having. » Drink double if it is anyone else.

When Rod makes reference to the Carlos Guillen trade.

When Rod says the phrase “game within the game.”

When Rod says the phrase, “the unintentional, intentional walk.”

When Rod makes reference to how “smooth” any of the Tiger middle infielders are. » Drink double if it is anyone else.


When Rod makes reference to his playing career. *Rod only had about 50 career ABs, 20 with the Tigers.


When the footage of Rod charging the mound in Japan is shown.

General Silliness: 2 drinks may be had when Rod displays general silliness. This optional rule can be applied in group or individual play and can be declared before the game or invoked when the silliness occurs. General silliness can be loosely interpreted as that’s why it’s not technically part of the rules. Experienced players will recognize this activity which can include stepping over the play by play with yelps, screams or any array of noises, use of non-words, abundant laughing or appearing overly giddy. HEEHAHAHA!!!!

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Fans promoting a better Tiger experience.


  1. Awesome. Count me in. But you'll probably be hammered by the second inning.

    (By the way...after tonight's game I've just accepted that panic is going to be my natural state for the next two months and that I won't relax until the magic number is 0. I'm basically just going with it and embracing the panic.)

  2. Hey great game but I think you could consider adding anytime Rod says something or someone was "Sparkling."

  3. what about when rod and mario talk about getting "fluffy off of good groceries" that should be 10 drinks right there

  4. What about when he says a boatload?

  5. You gotta raise the amount of drinks for the Carlos Guillen trade mentioning. He ALWAYS talks about it.

  6. You need to add when Rod mentions anything about the hot corner. Or when he says how athletic Brandon Inge is.

  7. What about "straight busy", as in "he just got straight busy". I know I've heard him say that at least a few times. That should be good for 10 drinks. I love that guy!

  8. how about when he says these are the runs lloyd mcclenden says we have to get in

  9. You also need to take a drink (maybe more than 1) anytime Rod mentions "There is a gold glove in Brandon Inge's future."

  10. Clever! but...I think you should consider adding anytime Rod uses the word "Elevated" He uses this word to describe things besides pitches!

  11. "Short Porch" in new york about 7 times by the third inning

  12. "Pitching to Contact" should be added to this, Rod says that way too much, almost as much as elevated.

  13. Here are a couple of great liners: 7 Drinks "Go on with your bad self" and when a pitcher is having a great first half of an inning he'll say, "He's dealin tonight" or "He brought his "A" game to the park tonight".

  14. These are all great, but i would like to see this added to the rules more than any others. When Rod makes any reference to "Speeding a guy's bat up." The the last week of baseball I would lose my liver if i drank to that everytime.

  15. "Buggywhipped" has got to be atleast 10 drinks... as in "That was a hanging slider and Magglio just buggywhipped it into the gap in left center."

  16. "Get down with your Pudgy self!" that would be 10 drinks

  17. Slam your beer when he sais Country Strong...usually means a Marcus Thames home run

  18. 5 drinks for any mention of the phrase 'slide piece' or 'change piece'

  19. Some of these need to be revised- ala Mike Maroth and Pudge.

    Another one- "since putting on a Tigers' uniform....."

  20. where is the newest version of the game?

  21. how about "it is good to see good things happen to good people" ..say 5 drinks,
    10 drinks if it's not marcus thames

  22. anytime he says "that boy is country strong" or "he tried to sneak a piece of cheese by him"

  23. wow..if we did this to every televised tigers game....we would all be dead or have severe corossis of the liver by the all star game!!!! lmao...all true...funny as shit

  24. 15 drinks when he says "this pitcher has good numbers, but he ain't never seen a lineup like these Tigers"

  25. How about a 10 drink minimum for every time he makes a comment about the rules of the game - and it's wrong. I.e.: tonight's game = that would have been a sacrifice fly... only problem, it wasn't nor would it have been. He doesn't know the definition of a sacrifice fly. Also, - "did he brake his wrist" - not necessary, did the barrel of the bat cross the plate.

  26. How about 3 drinks when he says "First and foremost......."
    He says that at every postgame tigers live.

  27. lets all chill for one minute of silence for mr. rod allen...

  28. Any time he mentions "The pull field"-- aka right handed hitter getting a base hit to left.

  29. Could not watch a broadcast without a mute
    button handy. Had to order MLB just to hear
    the opposing teams announcers, at least
    the colors guys voice not as annoying.
    Who hired him? He every listen to his voice?

  30. I remember the first time that I played that game with my friends of per head service community. It was amazing. I didn't know how I reached to the end of the game.