Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Attention "Cold Pizza" & "1st and Ten" veiwers, the Rob Parker info you seek is here at TWFE

Detroit's own Rob Parker is appearing on the Worldwide Leader's "Cold Pizza" (In its final death throes, according to The Big Lead) and "1st and Ten" this week, which we Detroiters think is one of the upcoming signs of the apocalypse.

As a result of Parker's polluting of our TV's, TWFE is getting plenty of hits from whom I'm guessing are ESPN/ESPN2 viewers, searching for Rob Parker, Rob Parker Detroit, Parker Detroit columnist, and so on...

As a public service to all those poor souls who are having Parker unwittingly inflicted upon them by the WWLiS for the fist time, this post can serve as a one stop shop to all things Rob Parker, or as we like to call him, Wobb Parker, Sooper Geenus.

Want to learn more about the worst columnist in Detroit? Read on. We'll start with this illuminating post...

Who are the biggest hacks in the Detroit media?

"Rob Parker: Long considered Joe Dumars lap dog, as in his mind Joe D can do no wrong. On the flip side, thinks Dave Dombrowski can do no right, despite massive evidence to the contrary. Fond of twisting the facts to suit his needs. Stats or factual events won't back up his POV? Then either ignore them, or use small sample sizes, problem solved. His columns do nothing more than point out the painfully obvious, or are just plain painful. Parker's "Clubhouse Confidential" is often nothing more than a pure slanderous rumor mongering exercise of misstating facts, most pointedly in his mistaken claim that Tom Izzo was keeping Detroit Mercy's Brandon Cotton from getting another year of NCAA eligibility. How this hack has infiltrated TV, radio, and print so ubiquitously is hard to fathom, as I don't know of anyone who takes his opinions seriously."

That's Parker in a nutshell, folks. This is the "Expert" that the Worldwide Leader thinks the 12 of you who watch "Cold Pizza" want to see hanging out with ├╝berhack Skip Bayless on a daily basis.

What follows are just a few of the multitude of posts that will explain to the uninitiated what Detroiters think of the utter drivel that Rob Parker spews in print, radio, and TV. You have been warned...

Rob Parker, Pistons apologist

Want to lose IQ points? Listen to Detroit sports talk radio

"Delusional" defined: Wobb Parker thinks he is smarter than Jim Leyland

Wobb Parker, sooper dooper geenus!

Columnists say the darnedest things

Wobb Paker, sooper geenus...;

Reading between the lines

It's almost enough to make you pine for Woody Paige. Almost...


  1. Cold Pizza having a terrible journalist on the air? The regular guys they have on there aren't bad enough?

  2. If Skip Bayless were black, he'd be Rob Parker

  3. i just heard skip tear his teeth into oboma for taking a few minuets out of the day to fill out a bracket. Now im confused because on msn nbc they were talking about oboma doing to much to realy and needs to slow down. so i think everyone should let the man work.