Monday, June 18, 2007

The Detroit Tigers bullpen as seen thru Pink Floyd songs

If you are of a certain age, probably over 35, you are (Or should be) a huge fan of one of the iconic bands of the 70's, Pink Floyd. So as I was listening to "Animals" for the umpteenth time, while also pondering the plight of the Tigers beleaguered bullpen, I couldn't keep myself from mashing together something so good, with something so bad...

Wil Ledezma: Money - Of which Ledezma should be returning to the Tigers considering his utter ineffectiveness.

Youman Bazardo: Hey You - Anyone know who this guy is? I'm not even sure the Tigers themselves do.

Tim Byrdak: Learning to Fly - Byrdak, bird, fly. Get it? Jesus, you're a hard bunch to please... OK, let's try this... A career minor league journeyman is finally learning to spread his wings, and become an effective pitcher. That analogy any better?

Fernando Rodney: Run Like Hell - Considering how many runs Rodney allows during his appearances, that's exactly what been happening on the basepaths.

Jason Grilli: Comfortably Numb - What I need to make myself whenever Grilli enters the game.

Bobby Seay: One of these Days - Bobby Seay will actually get someone out...One of these days.

Todd Jones: Pigs on a Wing - Pigs will fly before Todd Jones will convert a save with an easy 1-2-3 inning.

Joel Zumaya: Wish You Were Here - 'Nuff said...

Jim Leyland: Is There Anybody Out There - That has to be running through the Cigarette Smoking Man's mind whenever he has to go to the bullpen.

Big Al: Speak to Me/Breathe - What the GF is saying to me after another win is blown by the Tigers bullpen.


  1. classic.. appreciate the mashing up of two of my most favorite things in the world..

  2. I (heart) Eulogio De La Cruz.

  3. Love it. That's awesome Big Al.

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