Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Above the fold - Grandy's a Tiger for the long term

Not that you would know it from listening to local sports talk, but the Tigers made a huge move to secure their future success yesterday. That being the signing of Curtis Granderson to a 5 year deal, with a club option for a 6th year. With Granderson now under club control till 2013, the Tigers have one of their cornerstones in place.

What's more telling about the Tigers/Granderson hookup is that no one thinks this is a bad contract. Not a single, solitary soul. The Tigers blogosphere is absolutely aglow, and gushing with praise, for both the Tigers and Granderson.

Where Have You Gone Johnny Grub:

Not to get too fawning here, but just about every father with a daughter should hope that she marries a young man like Curtis Granderson. At 26, it's scary to think what he can still accomplish on the ball field, and exhilirating to think of how many people he's yet to help and serve with his charitable work and donation of time.

One of the game's most approachable players, Granderson is one of many key components that the Tigers are locking up for the longterm, as they try to remain elite for years to come. Having good people like Granderson in the clubhouse goes a long way toward that goal.

Mack Avenue Tigers:

I’m sure Tigers fans are all as happy as I am to know Curtis Granderson has been signed through 2012, with a club option for 2013. He will receive about $30M over five years. Young Mr. Granderson has really become a fan favorite and a face of the club. As well, his charity work has done nice things in Detroit.

The Detroit Tigers Weblog:

There’s not much to analyze except to say “Yay!” Granderson on the open market is a $100 million player. Of course Granderson didn’t get “taken” on this deal because he isn’t eligible for the free agent market. The only leverage that Granderson has at this point is to say no to a long term contract. And being faced with $30 million or $500,000ish, it’s easy to see why he’d take the money and the security. Not to mention he is sticking with an organization that he likes, and figures to be a contender for a good chunk of his contract.

Bless You Boys:

Granderson provides exactly what many of us say we want from our professional athletes, and Detroit is fortunate to have him. As I've written before, I think he's the face of the Detroit Tigers and a figure the team and its fans can proudly hoist upon our shoulders to celebrate.

Tiger Tales:

Granderson had an outstanding season in 2007 batting .302/.361/.552 and finishing in the top 10 in MVP voting. He is perhaps best known nationally for being one of only 4 players in baseball history to achieve the quad twenty: 20 homers, 20 doubles, 20 triples and 20 stolen bases. He was also the Tigers best base runner and arguably the league's best defensive center fielder.

Tiger Blog:

While this isn’t unprecedented, giving a long term deal to a guy who isn’t even arbitration eligible is rare but the Tigers felt ponying up $30 million+ (I haven’t seen a final dollar figure, but the rumor is $30.25 million) was worth it after Granderson’s historical season.

Roar of the Tigers:

I am wicked in favor of this move. I reckon it makes good baseball sense, and also good fluffy intangible sense; it’s nice for the organization to show that kind of faith in Granderson.

The Fanhouse:

Granderson has always been the type of young player the Tigers would want to lock up for a few seasons, but with recent trades depleting the Tigers farm system of future replacements, Detroit had even more incentive to make sure Granderson has a Tigers jersey on for years to come.

Last and always least, TWFE:

I can't even bring my normal level of TWFE snark, because I'm so in favor of this move.

With that sort of consensus, Granderson shouldn't be patrolling center field in Detroit, he should be running for president!

My God, have you ever seen bloggers so united in their praise over ANYTHING? Not a single crank in the bunch. Hell, even with the Cabrera/Willis trade there was small amount of buyers remorse, in regard to the draining the farm system of all elite talent, the worry over Cabrera's long-term signability, and the health of Willis' arm.

But in this case? Nothing but praise for Granderson as a player, and even more so as a person who represents Detroit with class.

If it hasn't happened already, Curtis Granderson will soon own the D.

Fathers all around southeast Michigan are grooming their unattached daughters to hopefully become Mrs. Granderson. Men want to be his friend, and women get weak-kneed in his presence. Granderson has become the face of the team, the go to Tiger on the national scene, as shown by his stellar work on TBS and the 4 letter during the MLB playoffs.

In Detroit, forget the J, it's "WWCD?"

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