Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day

The COTD is in the wild and woolly Freep. I could have gone for one of the many trolling comments in the pissing matches between Wolverines and Sparty. But that's too easy, and to honest, going through those threads are annoying as all Hell. Instead, I went for someone who is apparently sane. At least not blinded by their over the top hate for a specific school.

The comment was taken from Jon Paul Morosi's article recapping the Curtis Granderson signing, and the commenter is DetFaninOrlando. This comment stood out from the Freep's outrageous norm because it didn't bash anyone or anything, it wasn't flame bait, contained no spelling or grammar errors and was quite lucid. Amazing for the Freep!

Ok, I want to hear ANYONE say this was a bad move. NO CHANCE.

Good job DD.

DetFaninOrlando makes a very a good point. No one thinks the Tigers extending Granderson was a bad move. Unless you are a fan of another American League team. It's rare when you see a long-term contract that's good for both sides. This is one of those rare win/win instances.

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