Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10 questions: Shaun Rogers

With Shaun Rogers not long for Detroit, and me wanting to exhaust my inventory of fat jokes, I thought it would be a good time for another round of "10 questions."

We soon won't have Rogers to roll around anymore...

Much as I did with both the moron and Lions QB coach Scott Loeffler, I ask the questions we all want to hear answers to, but the MSM refuses to ask.

1. You're being paid millions of dollars a year to be in a semblance of shape. A shape other than cylindrical. Was it that hard to push yourself away from the dinner table? For that matter, the lunch and breakfast tables?

2. If I placed a bet claiming you weighed more than 425 pounds, would I win?

3. Let's say you are playing in the thin air of Denver. How deep in the game would you get before having to come out for a breather? By the way, the over/under is 2 plays.

4. Continuing in that vein, how many defensive series would you have to sit out in order to catch your breath? In case you were wondering, the over/under is 4.

5. I have to ask. Is Matt Millen as moronic as he seems? Or is he even dumber than he appears?

6. Did Rod Marinelli ever ask you to "pound the rock?" Pound someone else's rock?

7. When D-line coach Joe Cullen was busted for driving naked in the Wendy's drive-thru, was he picking up your midnight snack of 3 triples with everything, a Biggie fry, a large Frosty and a small Diet Coke?

8. Considering your, to put it mildly, considerable weight gain, are you leaving the NFL for a career in sumo wrestling?

9. When was the last time you saw your feet? The smart money is on 2004.

10. When you ran waddled back that interception 60+ yards for a TD against the Broncos, was it because you really wanted to score, or was it due to being told there was a large ham waiting for you in the end zone?

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