Friday, January 11, 2008

Questions for Millen? I got your questions right here

In his Freep blog, WDFN's Jamie Sameulson reveals "What I would say to Lions president Matt Millen."

If I had a sit down with Millen, I’d probably ask him why his coaching and personnel decisions always seem to be a departure from his overriding philosophy of football. He always struck me as a mean and potatoes football man as a player, yet has been obsessed with the offensive coach or player as a front office man. I’d also ask him about accountability and why a guy like Mike Martz is gone but guys like Joe Cullen or Shaun Rogers are still here.

Those are good enough questions...for a member of the MSM. But Samuelson got me to thinking. What would a blogger like myself ask the Lions' moronic President and GM if I had an opportunity to sit down with Millen? So I thought of a few...

1. Do you really think the porn 'stache works in 2007?
2. You got to have something on old man Ford in order to have kept your job this long. What is it? Compromising pictures? Ford's into beastiality? Transvestism? Midget sex? What?

3. You wore a 15 years out of date Cosby sweater when you hired Marty "Snap, hold, kick" Mornhinweg. Didn't you own a suit? How about a necktie? Can you even tie a knot in one?
4. Joey Harrington? WHY?
5. Mike Williams? What. The. Fuck?
6. The wide receiver fetish - Is it a sexual thing?
7. Giving Bill Schroeder a multi year, multi million dollar contract - You were on crack, right?
8. You've hired a Mornhinweg, Mariucci, Marinelli, and Martz. Do you know any other letter of the damn alphabet? Could I give you a suggestion? Watch "Sesame Street."
9. Your tenure as GM has been one long performance art piece, correct?
And finally...
10. Fire Millen? Please?

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