Tuesday, January 22, 2008

10 questions: Scot Loeffler

Yesterday, the Lions announced the hiring of ex-Michigan Wolverines QB coach Scot Loeffler to coach QB's in Detroit. Leoffler is known as a fast rising young coach, as mentioned in Larry Lage's AP article...

Loeffler spent six years as an assistant at Michigan, working with Chad Henne as he threw for a school-record-tying 25 touchdowns as a freshman in 2004. He also coached John Navarre, who was named to the All-Big Ten team in 2003, when the Wolverines won the conference championship.

Loeffler's Michigan bio also hypes the fact that he coached several NFL QB's, including Tom Brady.

After graduating, Loeffler was a graduate assistant coach (1998-99) for the Wolverines. He worked daily with the offensive staff and handled the scout team offense during practice sessions. During his tenure, Loeffler helped coach future NFL quarterbacks Brian Griese (Chicago Bears), Scott Driesbach and two-time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady (New England Patriots).

Despite his shining reputation with the Wolverines, Loeffler decided to join the most dysfunctional organization this side of the WVU athletic department. Thus, it seemed like a good time to come up with a few questions, the same style of questions this blogger wanted to ask Matt Millen.

Scot Loeffler's coaching career: 1998-2009 RIP

Here's 10 questions the MSM won't ask Scot Loeffler, but the sort a piss ant blogger would...

1. Dude, were you aware you signed with the "Detroit" Lions? The DETROIT Lions? Did you think it was actually the Nittany Lions?

2. There's the NFL, then there's the Lions. Did you know that moving from the Wolverines to the Lions is a step down?

3. Did Rich Rodriguez fire you by sending you a note delivered by a graduate assistant?

4. Mike Debord sure sucked ass as Michigan's offensive coordinator, didn't he?

5. Matt Millen has all but disappeared, avoiding questions from both fans and media. It's becme a game of "Where's Millen?" Did he hide from you too?

6. You gained fame for coaching Tom Brady, and will now coach Jon Kitna, Drew Stanton, J.T. O'Sullivan and Dan Orlovsky. Which one is not like the others?

7. When Rod Marinelli told you the Lions like to "Pound the rock" during your interview, did you think he was using a euphemism for masturbation?

8. Now that you are in the coaching staff loop, I have to ask...Which wide receiver will the Lions be picking in the first round of the draft?

9. Jon Kitna is an aggressive, bible thumping, born again Christian with an agenda. Is Kitna going to make you convert before he allows you to coach him?

10. You had an excellent reputation at Michigan. Don't you realize it's been pissed away?


  1. Drew Henson is a Lion now?