Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Don't let the door hit you in the ass

It's official. The Black Hole of Suck is done. Neifi Perez, is no longer a Detroit Tiger. He has filed for free agency.

Dude, you sucked...

TBHoS will not be missed by the Tigers, their fans, the local media, and anyone that thinks baseball should be played with even a modicum of skill. I wish TBHoS good luck in his future endeavors, as long as those endeavors take place as far away from Detroit as humanly possible.


  1. Awww, come on: How can you not love a guy that gets suspended for drugs (or whatever) while he's already on suspension? That takes talent.

    As does failing a test for while hitting below the Mendoza Line. Though I still hope it was 'roids that he got popped for. The irony would be delicious.

    As I noted on my blog back when he received his second consecutive suspension, it was an impressive feat. A crappy hitter screws up and loses most of his salary. Now he has to try and find a new team for next season.

    Not bloody likely, given his overall talent level and the possibility of a much longer suspension if/when he gets busted again.

    No, I think Our Hero has blown away his own career. Can't see anybody bothering with him again.

    Good riddance, and I hope your wife eventually gives you some again. Cuz losing out on a sweet-ass job like you did, with that much money for that little work probably cheesed her off but good!

  2. Aw, I'll miss him. I always thought he was a fine defensive player. That double play he helped turn to save Verlander's no-hitter was a thing of absolute beauty.

    Too bad about the speed addiction. That probably helped torpedo his average more than anything else, I hope he can get clean and stay clean.