Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Detroit Lions are 5-2. That is not a typo, the Detroit Lions are 5-2: Lions - Bears final thoughts

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1. To put this win in some perspective, if Denver can knock off the Packers Favres tomorrow night, the Lions will be tied for the NFC North lead. I repeat, tied for the NFC North lead. In late October, no less. The Lions? Yes, the Detroit Lions.

Brian Griese isn't hurt due to another Lions sack/hit/pressure/hurry,
he's lost his lunch thanks to looking at those ugly ass orange unis all afternoon.

Beating the Pumpkins Sunkist Hunting vests Syracuse Orangemen Denver Broncos Faygo orange pop Chicago Bears in Chicago, the defending NFC champions, is a big time win. It's the signature win that we fans have been waiting for, the game that could prove they are not frauds. So the question begs to be asked, are the Lions fraudulent? Are the Lions a legitimately good team?

No matter what what I, you, the media, the NFL may think, it doesn't matter. All the Lions have to say is, "We're 5-2." (Mike Furrey might add, "We're 5-2, media bitches! Kiss our ass!")

2. As much as I've ragged and ripped upon Rod Marinelli over the past season and a half, over his in game decision making, his questionable personnel moves, his "Pound the rock" mantra, and the fact that he was 3-13 in his first season, you cannot deny that he has turned the Lions around. An impressive feat in itself, but to do so with the huge handicap of having a blithering, porn 'stached idiot as your GM? That has to put Marinelli at the top of any "Coach of the year" talk. (If not "Coach of the millennium!" The Millen baggage is that substantial...) Not that "Coach of the year" consideration is a barometer of future success. Remember, Wayne Fontes won NFL coach of the year after the 1991 season.

So thanks to the Lions' 5-2 record, and the fact that he's done it despite the clueless 800 pound gorilla that is Matt Millen riding upon his back, Rod Marinelli earns this week's "Charles Foster Kane begrudging clap of approval" from the TWFE!

3. Amazingly, today's win has the Lions are in prime position to make a serious run at the playoffs. In their favor is that the Lions play in the Pop Warnerish NFC, but you just have to play the games on your schedule. So what if the NFC is the JV to the AFC's varsity? The playoffs are the playoffs, period. The Lions finish just 4-5, and they will be in playoff contention all the way to January. Go 5-4, and they will be a playoff lock.

At least record-wise, the Lions find themselves hobknobbing with the NFC elite. That's pretty heady territory for the Leo's, I hope to Hell they can handle it. We've seen previous editions of the Lions that couldn't...

Enthused as I am about the Lions fast start, if they stumble to an 8-8, or worse, finish, I'm wouldn't call this season a success. At this point, at 5-2, they absolutely HAVE to make the playoffs. The NFL is designed for "Worst to first" type of improvement, with the weighted schedules and salary cap. The Lions are overdue for their turnaround. The Lions have a good shot to be the 2007 version of last season's New Orleans Saints.

4. To most everyone's surprise, the 2 upcoming Lions - Favres matchups now look absolutely monstrous. The NFC North division is essentially a 2 team race between Detroit and Green Bay. For all intents and purposes, at 2-5, the Vikings are done. I think it's safe to say the Bears are toast as well, as the Lions now hold the divisional tiebreaker over Chicago.

I like the chances of the Lions at least gaining a split with the Favres, as they have always played him tough in Detroit. I've been in the Silverdome and Ford Field stands as witness to many a stupid Brett Favre interception over the years. As good as he is, Favre's a turnover waiting to happen, and the Lions have been living off of the opposition's mistakes this season.

5. I'm not sure how hurt Calvin Johnson was after being tackled awkwardly on his end around, which may have something to do with his lack of receptions. Still, Johnson had all of 3 touches today. Hurt or not, he's not getting the touches he needs. Megatron is a playmaker! Get him the damn ball!

6. I still can't believe the Lions are 5-2! I think we all looked like this after the score went final...


Hey, I just had to get this picture of Kevin's impersonation of the Kool-Aid Man
from Thursday's "The Office" on the blog somehow!


  1. I was talking to a friend a bit ago. It's amazing that they're 5-2. Even better, the season isn't even halfway over yet. Kitna doesn't look so foolish now, does he?

    Can't wait to see how that idiot Drew Sharp writes this one up. Probably claim that Chicago "gave this one away" with 4 TO's. After all, the Lions couldn't have anything to do with all the interceptions, could they?

    The odd thing is, if they finish strong this year, and get better next year (and they should, assuming they draft O-Line and defense), then won't people have to talk nice about Millen?

  2. With all the Hester talk, Im suprised that you did not mention Stan Kwan. Lots of camera time for him yesterday.

  3. As you may have already seen, GTW, Sharp is talking "Playoffs!" I was stunned,to say the least.

    And no, you can never talk nice about Millen. Even though the Leo's may have turned things around, the Millen era still has to be considered a disaster. I'm giving the credit to Marinelli and the coaching staff. I think they are making most of the decisions.

    Brick, sometimes I miss the shots of the sidelines as I'm typing like a busy bee between plays. I do give Kwan credit though, as they were quite creative with how they dealt with Hester. I put the blame on the 1 big punt return on Nick Harris, as his punt wasn't placed where it was supposed to be, I'm guessing that being somewhere in the stands.