Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hester is killing me: 3rd quarter Lions - Bears thoughts

The Lions will receive the 2nd half kickoff, and Cason takes a knee. Lions start at their 20. On 1st down, Jones drops his shoulder, lays out a Bear for 2 yards!

Kitna drops back...It's Shawn McDonald with a GREAT sliding catch, a 29 yard pickup at the Bears 50! 2 Jones runs leave the Lions a 3rd and 5. YES! Furrey's open at the Bear 35, 1st down!

Kitna back to pass...This time it's Casey Fitzimmons breaking open at the Bears 25, another 1st down! Just like that, the Lions are on the move, and deep in Bears' territory.

Ah, God damn it...TO Lions, Kitna doesn't like the formation. Come on, get it together!

This time the TO doesn't help, as a shovel pass to Jones gets 1 yard.

BLITZ! Kitna gets rid of it, and thankfully doesn't get hit as he throws it away. 3rd and long...

Kitna's back to pass...God damn...YES! Kitna threads a needle to McHugh at the 14! 1st down! The Lions pick up where they left off at the half, with the offense running on all cylinders.

A short run, and an incompletion leaves the good guys with a 3rd and 8. No mistakes, NO PICKS!

WOW! What a catch by CJ, but it's well out of the back of the end zone. Good Lord, did he lay out...

FUCK! Hanson drills the chip shot field goal off the right upright! DAMNSHITFUCKCHRIST! Still 13-0, Detroit. GOD DAMN IT!

Alright, let see if the Lions D can continue to play well. //crosses fingers//

It's Benson off tackle, gets 8...BALL'S ON THE GROUND! Damn it, he was down. 2nd and 2 from the 28. But the Lions force 2 incomplete passes, and get the much needed 3 and out! Nice series for the D, and the Chitown fans ain't happy. Booing is in the air. So is a punt....

The Lions will start at their own 17 after a solid punt. Let's go, run some clock!

A quick out to Roy gets 3. Kitna sets up a screen, has to run...GET RID OF IT...Which he does. Shit, there's a flag, penalty on the Lions. Bears decline, 3rd and 7. Ahh, Christ. Incomplete pass, Lions go 3 and out. KICK IT AWAY FROM HESTER!!! A-W-A-Y!!!

GOD DAMN IT! Hester takes the ball back into the Lions territory, he's down at the Lions 25. FUCKFUCKFUCK! Kick it the Hell out of bounds, kick it in the fucking lake, anywhere but to fucking Hester...

Alright, time for the D to make a few plays. Benson gets 11 on 1st down, but it's coming back! Holding Bears! YES! 1st and 20 from the Lions' 36. The D stops Hester on 1st down for no gain! That's more like it!

ARRRGH, that Mushy Mohammed guy is open at the 20...1st down Bears. I'd be happy if the defense can hold the Bears to 3. VERY happy...

3rd and 4, big play! FUCK...TD, Bears. Griese with the TD pass to Olsen. He was too wide open, not well played by the Lions. 13-7, Detroit.

Lions will start at the 31, nice return by Cason. Let's make a few plays, get the points back!

GO YOU S.O.B. GO!! Jones breaks a few tackles, and he's off! He's down at the Bears 35! As Ted Nugent sang, that's just what the doctor ordered!

Kitna back...It's McDonald! He's to the 24, 1st down!

Kitna back again...Furrey for 12! Another 1st down, and the Lions are in the red zone at the Bears' 11. Jones up the gut gets just 1. 2nd and 9.

OHHH, it's Williams on an out, and he's down sat the 3 on a shoestring tackle! He was that close to scoring...

Jones up the middle...He looks just short of the 1st. And he is, by inches. Marinelli is going to go for it on 4th down...BIG BIG BIG PLAY!

The Bears jump!!! YES!!! 1st God damn down! Thank you, Pumpkins!

1st and goal from inside the 1...Jones gets stuffed short of the goal line! ARRRGH! 2nd and goal, Jones may have lost 1/2 yard.

And that's the 3rd quarter! 13-7, Detroit! I'm not used to the Lions being in tight, important games! It's been so long...

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