Sunday, October 28, 2007

The clock is your friend: 4th quarter Lions - Bears thoughts

As we start the 4th, Kitna rolls right....FUCK! He has to throw the ball well into the stands on 2nd down. No one was open, red zone issues are coming back to bite them on the ass...

3rd and goal...Jones goes wide...It's strung out...He's down at the 1! SHITSHITSHITSHIT! The Lions couldn't punch it in, and have to settle for a chip shot from Hanson. It 's good! Lions 16-7.

On the upside, the Lions are up 2 scores. On the downside, it was a prime opportunity to 2 make it a 2 TD lead.


Hanson boots the kickoff out of bounds, the Bears start on the 40. Well, that's better than Hester running into the end zone...

Come on defense! Make some damn plays! SHIT, Benson takes it over the 50, 1st down on the Lions 48.

Griese's back...He's hit as he throws....PICKPICKPICKPICK!!! Keith Smith with the diving interception! Great catch by Smith! Feel free to give 1/2 the pick to Ernie Sims, who just crushed Griese on the blitz! Nice play all around!

An out to Williams gets 9, then the Lions 400 lb fullback, Bradley, gets the 1st down! Come on, lets run some clock!

False start, Lions. Rosen says it's on Mushy Mohammed? Whatever... It's 1st and 15. A Jones run gets 2.

Kitna's back to pass...Holds it....Holds it...Holds it...Holds it...Sack. Saw that coming...Kitna's down at the Lions 40.

A short pass to Williams gets 10, and the Lions will punt.

The fans get all excited, anticipating a Hester return. Get serious... If this kick is anywhere but WAY THE FUCK OUT OF BOUNDS, Marinelli should be fired on the spot. Harris, as he should, kicks the ball towards Mexico, and Hester never gets a chance for a return. The Bears take over at the 17.

Benson gets 1 on 1st down. Griese fades...SACK! Griese never had a chance, as Dewayne White was on him like orange on a pumpkin!

Griese is way off on a 3rd down pass, and the Bears will have to punt! Yes folks, the Lions forced a 3 and out when they had to have a 3 and out! Amazing!

Walters takes the punt to the Bears 45! Yes! The Lions are in position to put a hammerlock on this game. Now if they could just do so...

Fuck me! Jones fumbles on the sweep! Bears ball at their 38. Do the Lions always have to do things the hard way? Why yes, yes they do.

GOD DAMN I...YES! Berrian drops the pass in Lions territory, 2nd down! Whew.

NEAR PICK! The pass bounces off of Clark, almost a turnover. 3rd and 10. Need a stop!

SHIT! Hester gets 19 on a pass from Griese. Come on, come on, come on...Ball at the Lions 42.

Good pressure from the Lions on 1st down, incomplete pass. The other, worse Adrian Peterson gets a couple on 2nd down, 3rd and fucking long. MAKE A PLAY DEFENSE!

Incomplete...WHAT? A real late flag, interference Lions. Wilson was mugging the wide out. Shit.

Griese back to pass...He's hit as he throws...It's a moonball...End zone tip drill...PICKPICKPICKPICK...Gerald Alexander! He's running it out! He's to the 30, 1st down Leos!!!! Hot damn, and son of a bitch, how about that?

2 runs by Jones leave the Lions 3rd and 1, and he's over the century mark! Come on, get the 1st....Williams! 1st down Lions at the 45! Slant to Williams gets 9 more, and the clock is moving....4 minutes left..Keep running please...

Jones up the gut, just short of the 1st down, it'll be around 3 minutes left when the Lions snap the ball...GOD DAMN IT! The 500 lb Bradley is stuffed on 3rd down! Bears call a TO, Lions will punt the ball into the southern hemisphere...

Hester is motioning to the crowd, but he is not going to touch the ball anywhere, anytime, at least on a kick. False start Lions, but it's not that big a deal. Just more room to just kick the ball to fucking Panama! Nice kick by Harris, it's out of bounds at the 9 yard line! BEE-YOU-TIF-FUL!

2:45 left in the game, Bears need 2 scores, have 2 TO's, and Brian Griese at QB. I like the Lions' chances.

2 passes to Olsen get the Bears to their 25, 2:34 left. White with the pressure on Griese, incomplete pass. 2:29 left. AHHHHH! Near pick, the Bears' Clark juggles a Griese pass, but it falls to the turf, harmlessly. FUCK!

2:18 left. Griese passes for the 1st down. Griese with another pass, the Bears are to the 50. 2 minute warning. Bears still have thei 2 TO's.

At this point, I'm not too worried about a score, just want the clock to run. Pass to Peterson gains 7. Clock is still running! FLAG! And it's not on the Lions, false start Bears! Ball at the Lions 48. Griese gets outright drilled, but completes the pass off the other Peterson, clock still running, under 1:30 left.

Griese completes another 1st down pass, Bears are at the Lions 30, spike! 57 seconds left, 2nd down. Flag? I'm not sure what's up... The refs pick up the flag, claiming the Lions did not have 12 men on the field. But there's a booth review? Come on now.

This is where I can put up with the "Bend, don't break" stuff. The Bears are moving down the field, but doing so slowly, and in small chunks. As I said earlier, a score won't mean shit as long as the clock keeps running.

Bears get 5 yards on the booth review, the Lions did have 12 men on the field. Typical. Get your act together, Lions!

Griese back to pass...Long pass down the middle to Hester at the goal line...BIG HIT...It's broken up, and Hester is still down! He took a HUGE hit from Paris Lenon and Kennedy! 52 seconds left, as Hester slowly moves off the field. That takes away the Bears' biggest (Only?) weapon!

Griese is back again on 2nd and 5...Looks to Mushy Mohammed the end zone...ANOTHER MOONBALL? PICKPICKPICKPICKPICKPICKPICKPICKPICK!

The much maligned Fernando Bryant with the easy interception in the end zone! Game over!!! Game is God damn over!!! Griese throws his 3rd interception in the end zone! If the Bears only had a quarterback...

All that's left is for Kitna to take a knee. It's official, the Lions SWEEP the defending NFC champs! 16-7 Detroit over the Orange is your final score!

Wow. This may have been the best overall game of the season for the Lions. The offense won the 1st half, and the defense won the 2nd. Kevin Jones had the Lions 1st 100 yard rushing game since...Well, your guess is as good as mine. Jon Kitna didn't make any huge mistakes, and took care of the ball. The defense pressured Griese all day. And most important of all, the Lions again won the turnover battle, 4-1.

I did not see a 5-2 record coming. Ever. Period. Case closed. Yet, here are the Lions at 5-2, and in prime time shape to make a serious playoff push.

I'm shocked, flabbergasted, stunned, and to be totally honest, silly happy, that I was so wrong!

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  1. an accurate picture of my thoughts.

    The lions are WHAT!