Sunday, October 28, 2007

The orange unis aren't helping: 2nd quarter Lions - Bears thoughts

And we're back. On the 1st play of the 2nd quarter, the closest thing the Lions have to a hall of famer, Jason Hanson, nails the glorified extra point! 3-0 Detroit Lions!

OK, now keep the fucking ball fucking away from fucking Hester! It can't be that damn hard, can it?

A little trickeration from the Lions! Hanson fakes the onsides kick, then pooches it to the Bears 35. At least it wasn't kicked to Hester, and I like the Lions at least showing the threat of the onsides kick. A little creativity goes a long way in the NFL...

Griese hits the not very good version of Adrian Peterson for 5, then Peterson makes me eat my words with a 7 yard run for a 1st down.

It's a wide toss to Hester, and Kenoy Kennedy takes him out at the knees! A diving stop for a 6 yard loss! Beautiful play by Kennedy, the 1st from him in a loooong time. So far Hester has been a non factor. Let's hope it stays that way.

A incompletion, and false start on (Not the Lions' George Foster) the Bears leaves them with a 3rd and 21! A dump off to Peterson gets them back to the original line of scrimmage, and the Pumpkins will punt.

Damn it, the Sunkist oranges down the ball at the 3! OK, let's see some of that "Vaunted" Lions offense, and get themselves out of trouble. No stupid mistakes! KTHX!

Jones gets 9 on a sweep, giving the Leo's a little breathing room. But the Bears stuff Jones on an off tackle run, leaving the Lions with 3rd and inches. Come on, get the damn 1st down!

AAAARRRRRGH! It's play fake that fakes no one on the Pumpkins, and Kitna is sacked at the 7! I said, "No stupid mistakes!" But do the Lions listen? Noooo!

Damn it! Hester has the punt...Whew, Lions stop him at the Bear 45. Nice coverage by the Lions. How about another 3 and out?

FOX is calling this a must win for the Bears, and Chicago crosses them up by giving the ball to Benson, getting 1. That's not going to win you anything. A short pass leaves the Bears 3rd an 2. Come on, get the stop!

ACK! Benson gets 3, Bears now at the Lions 43. The Bears continue with the dump offs that worked so well for the Buccaneers, getting 8 on a dink to Benson. The Bears continue to pound Benson, getting a couple, leaving the Pumpkins with another 3rd and very short.

Tim Ryan says the Bears need to "Pound it!" When did masturbation come into the conversation?

Benson gets the 1st down, Bears at the Lions 30. I hate this Tampa 2 "Bend but don't break" stuff. Another dump off leaves the Bears with a 3rd and 6. Let's stop bending!

Griese checks off...Looks in the end zone...IT'S KENNEDY WITH THE PICK! The audible backfires! But for some reason, Kennedy doesn't take the touchback, and runs it all the way out the...7 yard line. Nice play, but not smart, not smart at all to run it out.

Still, it's another Lions defensive takeaway, and the Lions stop the Bears!

YES! Jones get the Lions out of trouble with a 19 yard run! Running game is solid today!

Offense is playing well, but now looks confused as Kitna tries to make an adjustment, and has to call a time out as the play clock runs down.

The TO pays dividends, as Kitna hits CJ for 21! Johnson was wide open at the 47. Only the 7th Lions pass of the day! Who'd a thunk it?

Flags down....Kitna drills a pass to Johnson deep down the middle at the Bears 30! YES! Bears offsides, Lions 1st down! Damn it, Kitna has to call another TO. Well, I'd rather he use them rather than draw a penalty. Still, the Lions look at bit discombobulated...

The TO again pays dividends, as Kitna hits Williams for 10, and the 1st down! A very nice drive so far, chewing up both the clock, and yards.

It's the end around with CJ! Gets around the corner...OOOO, that didn't look good...

Johnson was brought down awkwardly with a neck high tackle, and limps off! I hope to God he's OK. Jesus, Johnson just blew around the left corner! God damn, he's fast for such a big man! Thanks to CJ, it's 1st and goal at the 4.

It's Jones between the tackles...Big ass hole...TOUCHDOWN LIONS! 8 plays and 93 yards, a wonderful drive by the Lions. We saw plenty of the Lions "Vaunted" offense! 1:53 left in the half, and it's 10-0 Lions!

Nice kickoff by Hanson, as he kicks it deep down the left sideline away from Hester, gets a good bounce, touchback.

Let's go defense, stuff the Pumpkins! A pass to the TE gets the 1st, but the Lions stuff the Bears, leading to a 3rd and 10 from their own 31. Griese back...Heavy, heavy pressure, the pocket collapses...Griese is on the run, but slides a yard short of the 1st! you know Kitna would have dove for the 1st down!

With 4th and a little more than a yard, the Bears will have to punt! D does their job!

Lions will take over at their 20 with 1:03 left in the half. The Bears DB has big trouble with Williams, called for hands to the face, 5 yards and 1st down.

YES! Just a great pass from Kitna, drops a beauty just over the DB, it's Williams at the Bear 34! Lions have to use their last TO...

Kitna takes a shot at the end zone to Roy...THROW THE FLAG! The Bears DB gives Williams a slight push, and gets away with it, incomplete. That very easily could have been called interference.

Instead, it's a52 yard FG attempt for Hanson....He got all of it...SHIT! It hits high up the right upright...But he gets the kiss, and it's through!!! 13-0 Lions!

As Rosen talks about kicking away from Hester, FOX shows a clip of a football landing in Lake Michigan for the umpteenth time...It was funny once, guys. Just once...

The Lions do kick away from Hester, but it's out of bounds, Bears ball at the 40. Time for 1 play.

And that play is Griese taking a knee, and the Pumpkins fans BOO lustily! The half ends with the Lions up, 13-0!

The Lions have had a very balanced offense so far. To illustrate, they have 11 1st downs. 6 passing, 4 rushing, 1 via penalty. Kitna has been very efficient, 11-15-114, but has been sacked 3 times. FOX tells us that's 91 (!) for the season. (Hey, that's what I heard. I think...)

The Leo's defense has played well, holding Griese to 86 yards passing for the half. The biggest play being the end zone pick.

All in all, one of the best halves of football the Lions have played this season. Let's hope the trend continues in the 2nd half...


  1. I think you misheard about the Kitna sacks. I think they said 91 total... but still, you're doing this in real time (which I do enjoy).

    Nice to see the offense working for once, as well as the D.

    And kudos for the ball in the lake comment. Once, okay. Twice, dull. Three times, eye roll time.

  2. I'm glad you enjoy these, GTW. I definitely get a workout doing these, but it really keeps me into the game. The fact that they are winning games makes it that much more pleasant to do.