Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Never trash talk a Lions fan

It seems my post raking Joey Harrington over the coals ruffled the feathers of some Atlanta Falcons fans. Someone posted my diatribe on a Falcons message board. A "Brian" even left a comment ripping me, Detroit, and the Lions as new one.

Hey "Big Al", FACT: The Detroit Lions SUCK, not Joey Harrington. Worst team in the league past 10 years. FACT: Joey Harrington punked you guys throwing 3 TDs on Thanksgiving 2006. MVP of the game. Remember that Big Al?? Hahaha. FACT: Joey Harrington has a 6-Mil contract from the Atlanta Falcons, and you sniveling turds in Loser Town still blame him for the fact your TEAM sucks!! Them are the FACTs Big Al!! The truth hurts, right? :)

There's one problem with the opposition fans trash talking the Lions. It doesn't bother us because...We AGREE! Wholeheartedly! Without question!

You aren't saying anything that we Lions fans haven't already said about the Lions numerous times. Hell, we've ripped them most every Sunday of the season for decades. You are taking about a fanbase that looks back fondly on the Wayne Fontes years, for chrissakes!

We know the Lions suck, that they have always sucked, and will continue to suck! We know Matt Millen's a blooming idiot. We know they are a joke of a franchise. We know they are an embarrassment. We know the Falcons, and damn near every other team in the NFL, are better than the Lions.

In regard to last Thanksgiving, to be honest, we actually took a perverse pleasure in Harrington's 3 TD performance. I'm sure you are wondering, "Why?" Because we hope against hope that a fiasco like the Joey Blue Skies' nationally televised win will get the Lions doddering, richer than God, know nothing, octogenarian of an owner to clean house. Again...

Obviously, some, including the upset commenter, thought my bashing was just sour grapes. Since Joey Blue Skies failed here in the D, I don't want to see him succeed anywhere. To let you all know the truth, I could give a shit about Harrington and the Falcons. I'm just happy I don't have to watch him flail about the pocket aimlessly anymore.

I prefer to think of that post as more of a warning to Falcons fans to not get their hopes up, as Joey Harrington is an absolutely awful QB. At his best, he's below average. Jon Kitna is 10X the QB, and he does nothing more than put up empty stats.

I'm telling you now, and most Lions and Dolphins fans will agree. As long as Harrington is the Falcons QB, they aren't winning anything.

Detroit fans (Such as The Battleship, one of the writers at the excellent blog "Check out My HEMI," who defended my post) who aren't blinded by their passion for the Lions, that don't drink the Kool-aid or eat the cornbread, know that Harrington wasn't the only reason the Lions blew, but he was a big reason. Why else would every head coach during his tenure want to replace Joey Blue Skies?

Marty Moronwheg had a massive crush on Mike McMahon. Mooch, slick as a used car salesman, and about as sincere, lusted for Jeff Garcia. Marinelli and Martz signed 2 free agent QB's who had started in the NFL, Kitna and Josh McCown. About the only person who continually had faith in Harrington was Matt Millen. 'Nuff said...

Atlanta fans, remember who you are pinning you hopes upon. We are talking about the 3rd overall pick in of the 2002 draft. Someone taken that high should be a franchise QB, especially going into his 6th season. But Harrington has been unceremoniously benched, and then let go, by his last 2 employers.

We watched Harrington in Detroit for 4 seasons, and we never saw a playoff caliber QB. Unfortunately for Atlanta fans, you won't either...


  1. "I'm just happy I don't have to watch him flail about the pocket aimlessly anymore." Now thats a painful reminder of wasted(wasted, yes both ways) Sundays. Fact!

    I wonder how "Brian's" facts are going to look next year? No refunds on that $6 mil. Brian, oh by the way, "loser Town" was just deemed best sports city by the sporting community. Fact!

    Try takin out your "Vick" anger on PETA or someone who cares what your backward-ass thinks....FACT!

  2. Wow, that guy was a Falcons fan? I assumed he was a Joey-lover from the Oregon days who was bitter at the Lions for destroying Joey's career. Its kind of ironic that an Atlanta fan is pointing to last year's Thanksgiving game to prove Joey's competency. Perhaps he forgot about Joey getting pulled midway through the Thanksgiving game in 2005 against his Falcons after going 6-13 with one interception.