Monday, July 02, 2007

Writers says the funniest things...

In Sunday's Freep, Jon Paul Morosi says the Tigers may have to trade Craig Monroe to get a competent reliever. Really? Craig Monroe?

If Dave Dombrowski can get more than a gross bag pair of used batting gloves for Monroe, and his .270 (!) OBP, at this point, DD won't just win "Executive of the Year," he's a lock for "Executive of the God Damn Millennium."

I think a better article would have asked how much longer the Tigers can afford to keep a corner outfielder who can't get on base in the lineup. Despite all the goodwill Monroe generated for his late game heroics in 2006, a corner outfielder who has a Neifi Perez-like OBP shouldn't even be in the majors, let alone starting for a pennant contender.

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