Friday, July 06, 2007

When prints your email, can you consider yourself a published author?

Just to toot my own horn somewhat, the short letter I sent in response to Michael Silver's NFL owner rankings was published as part of his follow up column. Hey, at least I made the top of page 4.

Silver's column inspired my own post about Ford's ineptitude on 7/2. I boiled my post down to a pithy, 6 sentence, note to Silver. Surprisingly, he thought enough of my calling him "Nuts" to print it.

Here's my 10 seconds of online stardom...

"William Clay Ford isn't the worst owner in the NFL? With all due respect, I have to ask, are you nuts? Ford is the worst owner in NFL history. This says it all about the Ford era. The Detroit Lions have won just 1, count 'em, 1, playoff game since WCF became the sole owner of the Lions in 1964. The only thing Ford has brought to the Detroit fan base is pain."
-- Al Beaton from Detroit

Hmmm. Maybe those 'Fire Millen' signs were directed at the wrong honcho.


  1. Congratulations Al on getting your comment published on The closest I've ever come is when Highlights for Children published a dirty story I wrote about Goofus and Gallant

  2. I always rooted for Goofus, by the way. Gallant was SUCH a suck up. And I thought that cartoon of the family family made out of wood, the Timbertoes, was extremely creepy.

  3. The influence of Big Al continues to spread...

    Good stuff, sir.

  4. Spread like a bad virus, Ian! Thanks...