Friday, July 06, 2007

Quick hits on the Detroit big 4

Detroit Red Wings - Since the opening of free agency, there have been some nice signings (Brian Rafalski, nailing down Dom Hasek for 1 more season, keeping the young core), and no catastrophic roster losses. (Losing Scheinder did hurt, but Holland recovered nicely getting the comparable, but younger, Rafalski, and Burtuzzi, Calder, and Lang won't be missed)

Considering the ownership issues that is causing the deconstruction of the Preds, and the continual par for the course drunken stumbling done by of the rest of the NHL's central division, the Red Wings are in fine shape to make a playoff run. They should also have enough salary cap room to allow a big move to be made at the 2008 trade deadline.

I'm not one to go into deep analysis the Red Wings' moves, as the Red Wings blogging nation can do 10X the breakdown that I'm capable of doing. And from reading them, they feel that the Wings' off season has been pretty decent up to this point. They aren't thrilled, but far from being horribly disappointed. If they are OK with Ken Holland's off season so far, then I'm OK with it as well.

Detroit Pistons - The first round picks are now under contract, and with the NBA's rookie contract slotting, is no big deal, but there has been little else going on the Pistons, other than their free agent options drying up.

Chauncey Billups' deal still hasn't been nailed down, despite reports to the contrary. It appears Billups' agent claiming that the contract is not close to being done is nothing more than loud ass posturing, in an attempt to create some sort of faux market for Billups, as there are no other bidders for his client's services. I think the contract details that Chris McCoskey (Erroneously, according to the grasping at straws agent) reported will be close, if not exact, to the final deal. So despite his agent's pissing and moaning, Chauncey Billups will return, which is a very good thing.

As to who's going to be on the bench with Aaron Affalo and Rodney Stuckey remains to be seen. Joe Dumars must be down to plan C when it comes to finding a backup to Tayshaun Prince, as plans A (Hill signed Phoenix) and B (Detroit was never in the running for Mo-Pete) have gone to greener championship pastures.

The News' Terry Foster has a blog post today claiming that Dumars' really likes the "Toughness" of registered sex offender, and all around head case, Ruben Patterson. If that's not proof positive how hard up the Pistons have become for bench help, I don't know what is...

As things stand today, with no trades (Other than the unloading of Carlos Delfino for a case of lopsided ABA basketballs), a meh draft, a roster that has guards up the wazoo, but no real center, and little depth, when you factor in the quickly shrinking free agent market, I'm not all that enthused about the Pistons' title chances in this coming season.

They'll make the playoffs, as the core 5 is too good not to, but in the east, is that actually accomplishing anything?

Detroit Lions - As their golden throated QB hasn't made any outlandish claims about throwing for 50 TD's, or winning more than 10 games, in the last week, there has been little news of note from Allen Park.

When it comes to the Lions, no news is the best news. Thank God for small favors...

Detroit Tigers - Despite the bombshell news that was the suspension of Neifi Perez, thanks to his greenies addiction, all is actually well with the Tigers. I'll take 2 out of 3 with the Tribe anytime. I'll be thrilled to death if they can accomplish the same against the Red Sox.

It appears Jim Leyland is finally admitting there is an issue in left field, with the call up of Ryan Raburn to replace the amphetamine riddled Neifi on the roster. Raburn moved to the Mud Hens' outfield this season, and by all accounts, has played well. Also, more playing time seems destined for Marcus Thames.

If Craig Monroe wants to keep his playing time, at the very least, he needs to go on one of his patented post All-Star Game hot streaks. Getting his OBP over .300 would be a nice place to start. Conventional wisdom says Craiggers has until the end of the month to turn things around, as the end of July was when the Tigers finally gave up on a (Then struggling less than Monroe is currently) Chris Shelton in 2006.

Jeremy Bonderman didn't win the fan vote to become the final All-Star, but to be honest, I'm fine with that. Let him rest during the break. If his last start is any indication, Bonderman is going to have a wonderful 2nd half of the season. In fact, the entire rotation has been pitching damn well, led by the return of The Gambler.

As the Tigers starting rotation may be one of the best in baseball, and their offense has been the best in baseball, it looks more and more like the Tigers hopes for playing in October hinges on, God forbid, the bullpen. That bullpen may be tested this weekend with the BoSox in town. Expect some nerve jangling late innings.

Let's hope Dave Dombrowski has a reliever or 2 up his sleeve.

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  1. The Bill Maas arrest has to be the best Lions news in years. Hopefully the only one subjected to his idiocy this season will be his cell mate.