Monday, July 16, 2007

Rob Parker alert: Lloyd Carr is done after this season...Well, he kinda sorta maybe could retire

I had the TV on in the background, but really wasn't paying all that much attention to WDIV's "Sports Final Edition," as SFE give Rob Parker way too much airtime. I don't need any Parker in my life at 11:45 pm.

But then his rumor mongering bit, "Clubhouse Confidential" came on.

Despite doing my best to ignore Wobb, I thought heard him mention "Lloyd Carr," "Retirement" and "This season." That immediately got my attention, so I rewound the soundbite on the DVR. These were his exact words...

"My moles are telling me that this is it! This will be Lloyd Carr's last year if everything goes right." And you know we've heard some grumblings in the past, maybe he might hang it up, this and that, but my moles in Ann Arbor say this could be the year."

That's his big news? I got all wound up for that?

I just love how he gives himself a pair of outs in regard to Lloyd leaving, using terms like "If everything goes right," and "This could be the year."

"Maybe he might?" Much as 2 negatives make a positive, do 2 maybes make a definite?

The possible retirement of Carr is far from being confidential, and in fact, pretty much common knowledge. It's been rumored for a few years now that Lloyd would leave when Chad Henne and Mike Hart graduate.

Ask a guy on the streets of A2, and they'd say that Carr's retirement is pretty much a season or 2 away, at best. They probably have the same "Moles" as Wobb.

If everything aligns, and the Wolverines have the sort of season most expect them to (Top 10 ranking, BCS bowl appearance, in the Mythical National Championship hunt), to say that Lloyd was very likely to walk is far from earth shattering. It's definitely not news.

Parker may just as well have said that Bo Schembechler is still dead. It'd be just as much of a scoop as saying that Lloyd might leave.


  1. Now it would have been news if he said that if everything goes right Bo could still be dead. That would freak people out.

  2. Damn, I like that line better! Wish I had thought of it!