Monday, July 16, 2007

Reason #95 why Jim Leyland is a great manager

When word came from the MSM that Jim Leyland was pissed, and wasn't going to take it anymore, it was just another example as to why the Marlboro Man is such a damn good manager.

"I respectfully disagree with your decision, and wish to speak with your supervisor."

To say that Leyland was quite unhappy about Pudge Rodriguez's getting hit for a 1 game suspension, is an understatement.

"I think the suspension is totally out of line. The umpire gave a very fair report that Pudge did not intentionally bump him.

"I don't think it's a matter of him taking a day off so it's OK for him to be suspended," said Leyland. "That's bull. That's just saying they're right, so we'll pick the right day and everybody's happy. That's not the point. The man shouldn't have been suspended. That's ridiculous.

I know some fans think, "What's the dif? Pudge is going to be taking a day off anyway."

But doing so would be condoning MLB's questionable, or should I say, asinine, decision. Like most of you, I saw the whole thing, and Pudge did have a legit gripe on the play in question. The ensuing bump was totally accidental. It wasn't helped by the ump in question getting right in Pudge's face.

You have to factor in that the umpires had an awful weekend in Seattle, where they blew calls on both sides. The most egregious example being rundown involving Carlos Guillen and Adrian Beltre, where the crew stumbled and bungled through call enough to piss off both teams.

This brewhaha will eventually blow over, but Leyland is doing just what he's supposed to do, stand up for his player. I'd rather he back Pudge 100%, than kowtow to MLB.

"I'm not looking for a war with Major League Baseball, but I have a problem that the minute anything happens, suddenly a suspension comes into play. I don't think that's right. There are going to be arguments. When you're playing for big stakes, there are going to be arguments."

"If they want to take that away, let's just go to Sunday school"

Damn straight.

It's because of words like this, speaking out and showing his displeasure with the umpiring while fully supporting his players, the Tigers would run through a brick wall for Jim Leyland.

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