Friday, July 06, 2007

MLB gives the Tigers a competitive advantage over the rest of the AL

The Detroit Tigers just got a little bit better this morning....

In fact, the Tigers got considerably better. Not in thanks to their calling up Ryan Raburn from Toledo. Turns out that move was made in response to MLB suspending Neifi Perez for 25 games (!) for testing positive for a banned stimulant.

Neifi Perez, Tigers tweaker

The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball announced today that infielder Neifi Perez of the Detroit Tigers has been suspended 25 games, effective immediately, for testing positive for a banned Stimulant in violation of Major League Baseball's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.

NEIFI PEREZ?! If he's on the greenies, they sure as Hell can't be all that stimulating.

In other MLB news, expect every other team to begin slipping Mickey's full of amphetamines to the 25th man on their rosters, in an attempt to free up valuable roster space.

I expect Craig Monroe and Jason Grilli to be the next Tigers to test positive. Soon...


  1. Hey, leave Craig alone....and quit being so wasn't so long ago that you were announcing to the whole world (?) that you had a severe man crush on C-Mo... Maybe he just needs to break his worked for Brandon....

  2. Seriously, what happened to your clutchy man-crush for Monroe? :)

  3. I still like His Clutchiness, but with a .270 on base percentage, I have some issues with him. Call it a man crushers spat... ;-)