Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The "STFU Roy" files: We're the third-best receiving duo in the league!

I'm going start a recurring feature at TWFE called the "STFU Roy" files, in honor of the Lions' overly talkative, always mouthy and cocky as all Hell wide receiver, Roy Williams.

Every time I read the lastest controversial sound bite spewed from Roy, all I can do is give myself a facepalm. Today, we have the latest reason to give yourself a facepalm.

Who knew Captain Picard was a Lions fan?

Speaking to the 4 Letter, the Lions' mouth that roared talked a good game. A real good game, a game Williams has yet to reach. It turns out he has a pretty damn high opinion of himself and Calvin Johnson. How high of an opinion?

I think we're looking at a breakout season. To me, we'll be the third-best duo in the league."

"Well, Marvin and Reggie are at the top," Williams said. "And then there's T.J. [Houshmandzadeh] and Chad [Johnson] in Cincinnati. That's about it."
That pretty damn high. Too damn high, to be honest.

Williams is your typical diva wide out, full of bravado, attitude and bullshit. With so much attitude, you'd think the Lions would have more to show for it than one lousy 1000 yard season between the two of them. Shaun McDonald and Mike Furrey have accomplished just as much as Williams in their careers, and more than Johnson.

It's not as if we haven't heard this sort of thing before from Roy. There was the "Score means nothing" quote. The "It's stupid how close we were to putting 40 points on the board" quote. The "Calvin Johnson should have had a 200 yard game" quote. The "I should have had a 300 yard receiving game" quote.

I just wish someone would remind Roy that a even a little humility goes a long way. So would actually putting up big stats, rather than just talking about them...and talking about them...and talking about them...

Well, what do you know? Riker is a Lions fan too...

When it comes to the Lions, they are all talk, with little to back it up.

When it comes to Roy Williams, along with being all talk, the following always applies - Open mouth, insert foot, repeat.

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