Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'll be back...tomorrow

No posting today, folks.

Most of my Wednesday was spent dealing with my arthritis doctors and whatnot, which always ends up draining me physically and mentally. But if you followed my oh so fascinating Twitter feed, you'd know these things.

Plus I have a FFL draft, The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes' Blogger Invitational 2, in a little less than an hour. I'm fully prepared!  If by "prepared" you mean, "forgetting about doing research till a couple of hours ago, I'm now trying to find a few online player rankings and cheat sheets." Then damn straight, I'm prepared!

Don't worry your sports filled heads, though. I don't plan on blogging about my team, as why would you guys give two shits about my failures in fantasy football?

I'll be back with a post or 2..or 3...or who the Hell knows, tomorrow.

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