Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just shut up, Roy

The always on the beat Killer Kowalski tells us that mouthy Lions wide out Roy Williams spewed this wonderful gem...

"If I had executed last week, I would've had 300 yards receiving. Look at the film," Williams said. "It would've been 300 yards easy, no question."

Even better, Roy goes on...

Want me to explain them to you? Let me explain it to you.

Please do Roy, I have my calculator ready. You ended the game with 106 yards, plus...

The one where Kitna stretched out the ball and got sacked on the backside, it was just a one-man route and I ran past (Sam) Madison.

You don't say how long the route was, so I'll be on the safe side, and say...20 yards. 126 so far.

Here's Roy Williams not catching a pass while on his way
to not having 300 receiving yards...

There was another one where Kit underthrew it and I tried to catch it. If I catch that one, that's another 50-some yards.

OK, that's 50 more, and we're up to 176 yards.

And the one he threw on the sideline, the one I had to stop for and tap my feet down and fall backwards? If he throws that on a rope, I'm down the sideline for another 75 yards.

75 yards? If you say so, Roy. 251 yards.

Then I had those two (fade) routes when I blew the (blitz adjustment). Those were 60- and 70-yarders.

Damn Roy, you were running wild!

It was an easy 300 yards.

300 my ass! Willie "Flipper" Anderson holds the NFL record for most receiving yards in a game with 336 in 1989. Not anymore, as that's 381 imaginary yards, a NEW IMAGINARY NFL RECORD!

Congratulations Roy! I hope you have your sights on setting new imaginary records for catches and yards in a season! My fingers are crossed...

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  1. Roy, you can wish in one hand and piss in the other and see which one fills up first.