Friday, July 25, 2008

Words can't desrcribe how pissed I am at Todd Jones...

But "DFA his useless fucking puff ball throwing homophobic washed up ass immediately" comes close. Damn close.

I don't normally let bad losses get to me all that much. It's not worth it. I also try not to blog mad. But tonight's loss really struck the wrong chord. The wrong fucking chord. All because of the Tigers' "closer."(Term used laughably loosely) He's now the devil incarnate who happens to wear the Olde English D on his chest.

What little goodwill Jones may have had left with the Detroit fanbase evaporated the moment Jermaine Dye's fly ball left Comerica. In the biggest game of the season, a game the Tigers desperately needed to win, Todd Jones came up woefully short.

This one hurt. Hurt a lot. A combined gut/nut punch of a loss. You can't blow this game. You just can't. But Jones did, and did so in the most painful fucking way possible.

In the eyes of the fans, Jones is done. Fini. Toast. Kaput. An ex-closer.

I can only hope the Tigers feel the same way.


  1. Yeah, but aren't you just scared that Leyland is going to keep running the guy out there? I mean, it's clear he should be a pitching coach for a middle school team, but for some reason, he kept getting into games up until tonight. What a worthless pile of crap.

  2. Blake, unfortunately for we fans, that's exactly what will happen. The Tigers have a lead tomorrow night, we'll see Jones on the mound in the 9th.

    I can only hope Dombrowski has a closer on his shopping list, like George Sherrill. He's not a world beater, but he's better than Jones.

  3. That's almost the worst part of this whole thing. We have to see him again. It's just so frustrating. I'm glad I already posted on the situation, because I am at a loss right now.

  4. And we'll hear the worst excuse for it tomorrow night, too: "Oh, you gotta send him right back out there again to shake this one off."

    Shake what off? Another win?

  5. The only way I'll be happy see him on the mound tomorrow is if he's strapped to the Saturday Night fireworks and shot into Canada

  6. I hate Todd Jones more than Andreas Lilja.

    And Samuelsson.