Monday, July 28, 2008

Your newest Detroit Piston is...Kwame Brown?

Kwame Brown?

This Kwame Brown?

The Kwame Brown of and

The never came close to living up to his 1st overall draft status Kwame Brown?

Which Kwame will be hated more in Detroit?

The reviled in every town he's ever played in Kwame Brown?

The first word out of my mouth when I heard about the signing was, "Huh?" The second was, "What?" The third was, "Fuck."

Christ, we all know how well Kwame's are going over in Detroit right now. This signing well go over about as well as Kwame Kilpatrick's next court appearance.

I guess Joe Dumars felt a dire need to add an overpaid and under performing center to keep the end of the bench from falling over. And gave Brown $8 million over 2 seasons to sit on said end of bench? This is a total head scratcher. Hell, this is the next coming of the awful William Bedford signing 20+ years ago. (OK, that may be stretching things some...But not much)

I sure as Hell hope Dumars has something else up his sleeve, as this has been one dissappointing off season.

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