Thursday, July 10, 2008

I hate the Minnesota Twins

Really, I do.

Extremely ugly, painful and outright bad things happen when the Tigers play the Twins, today's strange loss being just another of many heartbreakers. That burning hate was an underlying sentiment in the game thread at Bless You Boys this afternoon. Every few innings, a "I hate the Twins" post would pop up, to every participant's agreement.

My other thoughts about the Minnesota Twins?

I find the Twins abhorrent, abominable, anathematic, defamatory, despicable, detestable, execrable, fastuous, flagitious, hateful, heinous, invidious, loathsome, nauseous, objectionable, obnoxious, odious, opprobrious, outrageous, repellant, repugnant, repulsive and vile.

I also feel an abhorrence, abomination, antipathy, aversion, detestation, hatred, horror, loathing, repellence, repellency, repugnance, repugnancy, repulsion and revulsion towards the Twins.

In fact, get a strong feeling of utter disgust and anathema toward the Twins whenever they play the Tigers. The Twins are anti-American, anti-God and anti any and all things good and righteous.

I'm a Twins bigot. I'm opposed to everything Twins. The Twins should have been contracted when MLB had the chance. I hate the Washington Senators, because they became the Minnesota Twins.

Just how much do I hate the Twins?

I hate them more than Todd Jones. I think that says it all.


  1. I just found your blog a couple months ago. Now I check it every day. :)

    Hating anything more than Todd Jones is intense...but I think I'd have to agree with you on this one. I was at the game yesterday and as soon as they brought Rodney in, I knew we were going to die a slow, painful death. :(

  2. Totally agree, though their football-playing co-tenants are still, and will ALWAYS be, my most-hated team. The Vikings make my skin crawl; I wish nothing but bad on them. When they lost the NFC Championship game in 1998 to the Falcons at the final gun, NO ONE was happier than me. NO ONE.

  3. Thanks for reading, Rachel. I'm glad you found, and enjoy, my little corner of the web!

    I"m with you on the Vikes, Eno. I saw the Vikings do things to the Lions in the 70's no human should witness. I'm still scarred...

    Amen, indeed. Just don't start speaking in tongues, Kurt! ;-)

  4. The Twins really suck!!! I wish major league baseball would contract them. They'e just like the 1995 New Jersey Devils when they swept Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals. What I hate so much about the Twins is that they practically cheat every game and they always win. Dammit, I REALLY hate the Minnesota Twins. In fact, I hate every team in the AL Central other than the Tigers. The Twins' young players already know how to play the game right when they come up to the majors, their small ball destroys other teams, and they have cheaters like Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer. I want the Twins to be broken up and kicked out of baseball. They always have to be a team with a bunch of bastards. And they're also arrogant (moreso than the Yankees and Red Sox). You would think the way they play, they would win the world series every year, and that's why I hate Them. Fuck you, Twins.

  5. The Twins always win every year. And I hate them for that. Again, they play like the 1995 New Jersey Devils every year, and I bet if they appeared in a World Series again, it would be against the best team in the National League (as well as baseball) and the Twins would beat that team in four straight, outscoring their opponent 50-5.

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