Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I have a question for the Tigers' front office...

Jim Leyland announced before tonight's loss Gary Sheffield would no longer play in the outfield.

"His shoulder isn’t right, and I don’t think it’s made any better by playing the outfield, because he can barely lob the ball in," Tigers manager Jim Leyland said today. "So I don’t think that makes any sense."

So my question to the Tigers brass is as follows...

If Sheffield's "shoulder isn't right" and "he can barely lob the ball in," why on earth isn't he on the DL?!

Common sense tells me if your shoulder is so God damn sore you can't throw a baseball, it is also going to affect you when swinging the bat. Am I right?

It's obvious Sheffield isn't 100%, hasn't been for quite some time, and won't be any time soon. Yet the Tigers continue to live in denial, hoping Sheffield's shoulder, and with it, his bat, will come around. He's had multiple cortisone shots, to little effect. It's mid May. The season is 1/4 over. Sheffield's average is barely over the Mendoza Line.

The shoulder is not coming around.

The Tigers have enough problems being 8 games under .500, and falling. Sheffield playing through his shoulder pain is only adding to them.

I'm sick and tired of watching Sheffield ground weakly to short. It's time to sit his ass down, put him on the DL, and get his shoulder healthy. Don't bring Sheffield back till he's proven in a rehab stint he can hit like we know he can.

A healthy Sheffield is a weapon, capable of carrying the Tigers offensively. Right now, he's nothing more than a liability.


  1. You know Al, I try to be reasonable and non reactive and all that stuff. And I know when it comes to the Tigers, you do to. So you didn't take out the panic button at all.

    But I have to say, the panic button is of no use for this season now! We missed our chance! There's no reason to panic, this season has up and died on us, and for the very reason you started.

    Who did not see this coming?

    "Sheff has a sore shoulder? Let's play him in the outfield. Whoops he can't throw the baseball! Oh well, maybe he can hit."

    Who's running this team? In what world are their decisions making sense? And why can't we get Sheff on the DL??!!

  2. Even I thought the decision to play him in the outfield was senseless. The front office is losing some credibility, as they randomly push buttons to try and make something happen.

    Barring a second half miracle, this season is kinda in the crapper. And for a second half miracle, they'll need a healthy Sheff.

    If such a thing exists anymore.