Monday, February 11, 2008

Above the fold - Detroit sports weekend in review

It's time for my Monday ritual, a look back at the Detroit sports weekend that was...

The Pistons are cruising, the Red Wings are reeling, I'm told there was some college hoops played, the Tigers are another week closer to the season, and the Lions are still the Lions. Let's look back, and try not to get upset over phantom interference calls.

Michigan and Michigan State: They both supposedly won, but let me remind you that Big 10 basketball is just a rumor to me, as I can't see the damn games! The Big 10 Network is a farce, wrapped with buffoonery, inside a travesty. As always, I refer you to Spartans Weblog and UMHoops for the hoop scoop.

As for the Terrelle Pryor saga? I couldn't give a shit. You all know my feelings on recruiting news. As for Pryor, I'm sick and tired of the overblown, overwrought, overdone coverage of a 17 year old kid making his college decision. If the kid commits, great. If he doesn't? At least we won't have to hear about "OMG What will Pryor do?" EVERY FUCKING DAY. Anyway, for the curious, MGoBlog has the latest twists and turns regarding the kid.

Detroit Pistons: The Pistons are on cruise control, winning their 8th consecutive game Sunday, thumping the Bobcats 113-87. There really isn't much to say, as it wasn't much of a game. Charlotte was toast by halftime, which has become the Pistons recent MO, being they are kicking NBA ass. The young bench was hella fun to watch once again, and have been the only reason to hang around these blowouts to their merciful end.

In other weekend news, Rasheed Wallace was named to the eastern conference All-Star team to replace Kevin Garnett, joining Rip Hamilton and Chauncey Billups on the roster.

Here’s the funny thing: the Pistons will have three reps at the game, while the Celtics (sans Garnett) will only have one. For all the jersey popping and self-congratulating Boston does after each win, don’t think for a moment that they don’t feel slighted.

One side of me is happy that the Pistons are being recognized (and the Celtics are getting a slight dis), but the other would rather see them chilling out for a few days resting. A rested 'Sheed is a happy 'Sheed, right?

Detroit Red Wings: This was worst Wings weekend in recent memory. They lost close, intense heartbreaking games to the Leafs and Ducks. The Ducks loss was the hardest to take, as it took a blatantly bad call to keep the game from going into OT. As A2Y so eloquently put it, "SCREWED!"

Nice job Gary. Ass.

Bettman = Ass indeed...

To add insult to injury, Dan Cleary is out for basically the rest of the regular season after taking taking a puck to the jaw early in the Toronto OT loss. The loss of Cleary, who was having a career year, has the Red Wings bloggers much more upset than the current 3 game losing streak.

for example, here's what Yzerman is God has to say about what is quickly becoming a "situation."

In Dan Cleary, the Wings lost easily their most Babcockian player. Cleary has the skill to play with the Zetterbergs and Datsyuks, the defense Babcock demands and the grit he loves. Most of all, Cleary's game goes through the roof when the stakes do. Last year in the playoffs he was a monster, and if you require more recent proof, take a look at the fact that in the opening period of the Wings' game against the Ducks in January, that crazy motherfucker threw hands with Sasquatch. How do you replace him? I mean, you don't. But how do you try?

2 words. Mats Sundin.

Sundin to the Wings was a lark the day before yesterday, an interesting conversation to pass the time. But now, with Charlie Buckets in bed with Grampa Joe for six to eight, is it a necessity? Could be. And if Sundin’s guaranteed to return to Toronto (not a guarantee, in my opinion) than that may bring the price down a bit.

Gorilla Crouch isn't as concerned over the loss of Cleary, and would prefer the Wings obtain a top 4 defneseman. We all remember what happened last season 2 of the top 4 d-men (Kronwall and Schneider) went down.

Ken Holland, who has loads of cap space and some nice assets to trade, needs to make a deal sometime within the next two weeks to get a top 4 d-man who can play on the PP and the PK. It ain’t gonna be cheap but like Bill says, you don’t kick a Cup gifthorse in the mouth.

The next 2 weeks are going to be quite interesting for the Red Wings. They will make a move or 2. What those moves are (A scoring forward? A d-man? Both?) may determine the Wings playoff success, or lack thereof...

Detroit Tigers: The Tigers bloggers are on pins and needles, and will be soon ramping up their coverage. The most anticipated season ever is getting that much closer, as Tiger Blog reminds us pitchers and catchers report in a week. It can't come soon enough!

Billfer delves deep into Dontrelle Willis, and why his 2007 season was so disappointing. His conclusion? Just as in real estate, pitching is all about location, location, location.

The issues seem to be centered squarely on control. I don’t know that his pitches were any more hittable than in past years, just that he ended up in less desirable situations because he wasn’t able to locate like he had in the past.

Ian says goodbye to Roy Scheider. We'll all miss Chief "That’s some bad hat, Harry" Brodie. I couldn't believe he was 75! Damn. But I had totally forgotten Scheider played a not well disguised version of Al Kaline in the Disney film "Tiger Town."

Detroit Lions: The Lions thankfully continue to be well under the radar. They have been so quiet, you'd think there wasn't a NFL team in Detroit. Then again...

Pride of Detroit has begun looking at the Leo's needs position by position, and starts with the quarterbacks.

So, where do the Lions go from here? I see them staying with Kitna in 2008 and then deciding what to do a year from now. If Kitna works out then they will just bring him back, but if he has a rough season, then a decision will have to be made in regards to his future. Down the road, I would bet Stanton gets his shot at starting eventually. The realization likely will be that he isn't a franchise quarterback either, which means Detroit will probably look to the draft to make another mistake.

In other words, the Lions are up shit creek at QB. I agree. Kitna is not the solution, and no one knows if Stanton has what it takes. Their decision to IR Stanton for the 2007 season looks more and more idiotic by the day. You got to love Lions logic...

That's "Above the Fold" for Monday, 2-11-08!

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