Monday, February 11, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day - Interference? What interference? You see interference?

In a nationally televised game Sunday, the Red Wings and Ducks battled in a game played with playoff intensity. They would have played to a tie in regulation...Till the refs waved off the tying goal from Nick Lidstrom, thanks to a phantom interference call on Thomas Holmstrom. First, here are Homer's thoughts, and a breakdown of the play in question, from Mlive's game coverage...

"That was a really weak call," Holmstrom said. "That cost us the game. It was just terrible."

After falling behind 3-1 in the second period, the Red Wings perked up in the third. Johan Franzen's power-play goal at 6:06 cut their deficit to one. Then, in the final minute, the Red Wings, already on a power play, pulled goalie Chris Osgood for a six-on-four advantage. Lidstrom blasted a shot past Ducks goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere with 40.7 seconds remaining.

Referee Dan O'Halloran immediately waived off the goal, however. The ruling was Holmstrom made contact with Giguere, not enough to warrant a penalty but enough to disallow the goal.

What has happened to the NHL? What I witnessed was NOT the NHL I grew up loving. It's just another sign of the of oncoming NHL apocalypse, lead by the bane of all long-time NHL fans everywhere (or what's left of them), Gary Bettman.

If that was interference, then interference should be called on EVERY power play, any time a screen is set in front of the goalie. If that was interference, then the rules of hockey have forever changed. Here's a comment from your typical pissed off Red Wings fan, in this case Mliver Hockeytwn4ev.

Sure am glad I wasted a whole afternoon watching this CRAP!!! If this is the "new NHL" they can have it, because their tv ratings will only decline, until they eventually die. Am I the only one wondering why close calls like the one on Homer in the last two minutes of a professional contest cannot or isn't reviewed. Even College football has protected itself from having the striped shirts determining the outcome of a game with replay. I mean, come on!!--Are you kidding me Gary Bettemen? Is this seriously what you were hoping for on a nationally televised game of the week? The Duck are all goons, PERIOD--->if they are to represent the "new" NHL, forget it. I'll spend my $$$ elsewhere. Makes me SICK TO MY STOMACH. I hope we see these punks in the playoff time (with some different refs, for sure)!!!

As I was watching the replay before the call was announced, I'm thinking, "They waved off the goal? WHY? Where's the penalty?" I honestly didn't see it. When it was called interference, the NBC broadcast crew gave a collective "WHAT?" I'm sure if NBC wouldn't receive a gazillion dollar fine from the puritans at the FCC, I'm positive we would have also heard "THE FUCK?"

If there is such a thing as incidental contact, then J.S. Giguere being grazed by Holmstrom's backside was it. It was obvious whatever contact was made had absolutely nothing to do with the puck going into the net. That call had Mickey Redmond is spinning in his hospital bed. (Get well soon, Mick!)

It's a shame such an intensely played game was decided by a clueless referee's borderline call. Thank God it wasn't made in a playoff game. What I'm afraid of is that in today's NHL, it will be...

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  1. hack-and-whack2/11/2008 1:50 PM

    sadly, it was made in a playoff game. last year's chicken sh*t call on Datsyuk in game 5 helping
    THEM with the tying goal. the "new" NHL < soccer, take a bow bettman. we now get to watch 20 hockey games a year on a channel that has Turkey Calling and play in Toronto every Olympic year.