Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why fans are fed up with the MSM: Brandon Inge edition

Over the past week, MSM writers David Mayo and Lynn Henning bitterly called out Brandon Inge for his total silence since the news of his trade demand broke. They both wrote whiny, bitchy, pissy little columns complaining that Inge wouldn't speak to the media at a Grand Rapids "FAN" meet and greet. The obvious word being "FAN" and not "MEDIA."

For example, Henning writes in the Detroit News...

Just to put some ongoing discourtesy in clearer perspective, Inge has been on the receiving end of more than a dozen calls -- personally made to his cell, to his home, and elsewhere -- since October, many weeks before the Cabrera trade displaced him from his job as starting third baseman.

When he never heard from Inge, rather than back off, he became even more aggressive...

After the Cabrera trade left him in limbo, leading to a more aggressive flurry of calls

Oh, the fucking humanity, Inge just wouldn't return his calls! The guy is as intrusive as a bill collector or a telemarketer, though with less personality. I bet Henning calls at dinner time as well...

In the middle of his fine whine, Henning actually answers his own question as to why Inge won't call him back.

If Inge believes the situation is sensitive and he prefers not to talk, then fine, that's his prerogative.

Oh, you know why Inge isn't talking? So why waste my time, and yours, by killing several trees worth of newsprint with what is essentially a hissy fit?

TWFE has exclusive shots of Henning...

And of Mayo after being snubbed by Brandon Inge...

Mayo's bitch fest in the Grand Rapids Press was just as pitiful as Henning's...

In lieu of a players-only room in the clubhouse to hide in, which is Inge's usual trick, he orchestrated Friday's media boycott long before his arrival. The Griffins, citing information gained from Inge's agent, sent out an e-mail informing media the player would not grant interviews.

So you knew Inge's appearance was "FANS ONLY" well ahead of time, yet you decided to, for lack of a better word, ambush Inge anyway? Why on earth would you expect him to talk?

Mayo then calls out Inge for his 2007 performance, implying that Inge wasn't very talkative during the regular season, either...

We've seen this lack of accountability before. It was on full display during Inge's ridiculously bad second half last season, when he hit three home runs after June 12.

A few things to keep in mind. One, what does Inge's 2007 season have to do with his not talking now? Other than it being one of the reasons the Tigers made the Cabrera trade, nothing.

Two, that Inge was supposedly uncooperative is news to anyone that follows the Tigers. I've never read or heard any of the beat writers complaining about a lack of cooperation from Inge.

Three, the MSM bitches about bloggers calling out players and journalists with no accountability. When Mayo calls Inge "ridiculously bad," we see a columnist, whom I'm guessing rarely, if ever, covers the Tigers in person, just do what bloggers are accused of doing. Mayo comes off as having an ax to grind, and he sure as Hell furiously grinds away...

Are the fans curious as to why Inge wants a trade? Of course. Is it there a divine right that we need to know why? Not that I know of. I'm not saying that Inge is totally in the right. Dealing with the media is a big part of his VERY well paid job. Inge could have made everyone's life a little easier if he had called the reporters back after the 50th call. Even the 100th.

Still, I have to ask...Are we living in Nazi Germany? (First time I've ever invoked Godwin's Law in a post!) Communist Russia? I took a quick look around, even went outside, and far as I can tell, the Cold War is over, we won, and this still the U.S.A. Free speech include having the freedom not to speak. Inge doesn't have to talk if he doesn't want to. In fact, it damn obvious he doesn't. Period.

Spring training is in 3 weeks. If Inge isn't traded, and it's looking more and more like he won't be, I'm positive that the subject of the trade demand will be brought up almost immediately by the Tigers, and Inge will finally talk. Praise be, and thank fucking God, Inge will finally have to answer Henning's and Mayo's questions.

And we won't have to read any more self-serving, whiny tripe from writers that should know better.

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  1. God, how would you like to be a woman being pursued by either of these losers? "She didn't call me back or answer her phone, so I better call her another 50 times. She probably didn't get my message."

    No, Dickwads. It's not Inge's fault. I think it's you that never got the message.