Friday, January 25, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day

The COTD is from a Freep article quoting Kirk Herbstreit from Douchebag Cowerd's talk show. Herbie pisses off the Wolverines faithful with the following retort to Cowerd's 8 win prediction...

KH: I think it's a six-win season for MIchigan next year, I really do. I'd like to see Michigan do well, but really, if you look at the schedule, you look at the quarterback situation, you look at the offense and the fact that they lost all of those players, The Big Ten is going to go through this again next year.

Do I think Michigan will only win 6 games? Come on! The Big 10 and Notre Dame are awful beyond words. The Wolverines should win 8 games accidentally.

But is it possible? Sure, considering the losses from graduation and transfers, along with the growing pains caused by a steep learning curve for Rich Rodriguez's schemes. I think 8-4 sounds reasonable, 7-5 being the worst case scenario.

Anyway, enough about my thoughts. Today's example of how the internet allows idiot mouth breathers to fearlessly foist their limited vocabulary and thought processes upon the masses is a comment from Freepster MU20.


LOU HOLTS!? Hysterical!

I'd like to think that is a comment intended in jest, but considering the the use of correct grammar, spelling and cognitive thought is totally optional, and usually discouraged, in the Freep's forums, I tend to think MU20 is, God help us all, serious.

MU20 is your typical Wal-Mart Wolverine, who's only exposure to higher education was from watching "Saved by the Bell: The College Years."

After wading through the Freep forums, I'm actually concerned for the future of mankind. We're on the downhill slope, folks.


  1. After reading the comments in both MLive and the Freep about the Rich Rod controversy, I can only conclude that the most virulent of the Wal-Mart Wolverine commenters are rejects from the right wing hate site Little Green Footballs. They are trying to move up to LGF, but their grammar and spelling is simply too good for LGF. A few more "ass clowns" and some more fractured language--I can't call it English or even American English because for the most part it is unrecognizable as either--and maybe they'll make it, if they throw in a few more threats to do bodily harm. Really, what are they going to do, type Herbstreit to death? Or, maybe beat him with their mops and buckets before they go back to cleaning up on Aisle 4? What worries me is that someday Dantonio will make MSU's football program as good as it was in the 50's and 60's and we'll be putting up with Sam's Club Spartans in ten years. But, I shouldn't worry because the MSU hoops forum on MLive is generally civil, except for the interlopers trying to get a rise out of the regulars. And as Emerson said, "All generalizations are worthless, this one included."

  2. "All generalizations are worthless, this one included."

    I LOVE that quote, Uncle. I'll have to use it in a post!

    It wouldn't surprise me if your analogy is true. It's one thing to make the occasional typo or misspelling, Lord knows I'm guilty. But those sites seem to have the all caps, grammar optional, spelling nothing but a rumor, knee jerk, commenter in common. For that matter, to be an equal opportunity hater, lets add in the commenters at AOL and Yahoo.

    Penny Arcade nailed it with their "Internet Fuckwad Theory."

    Mouth breathers are everywhere, and we are well on our way to living in the society shown in the underrated Mike Judge film, "Idiocracy." It's not a cult comedy, it's a documentary...

  3. Well, hell, it might have been Sam Clemens who said it. Or Churchill. Or Edmund Burke. Or Walt Whitman. Or P.T. Barnum. And as for documentaries, you have to remember that most of these waterheads think that "X-Files" was a documentary.

  4. I thought this over and it was Sam Clemens, and the precise quote is "Generalizations aren't worth a damn, this one included." You have to picture Sam growling this around the everpresent stogie to a cub reporter to get the full effect.