Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pros and cons: Should Brandon Inge stay or go?

With the news that detente has been achieved between the Tigers and Brandon Inge, it appears he is now back in the their good graces for 2008. The Tigers have asked Inge to accept a super-utility role, and be paid $6 million in the process. Inge wasn't exactly happy, if you go by some of his comments to the media...

"I'm bitter, mad and frustrated"

“I didn’t ask to be put in this position. I don’t have to be happy with it.”

Despite being quite vocal in his unhappiness, Inge said he would accept a (highly paid) utility role for the good of the team. In turn, the Tigers say they will still entertain trade offers, but would rather he remain in Detroit.

After all the drama, mostly manufactured by the local media, all is again well in Tigertown. For the time being, anyway...

Personally, I like Inge as a player. I'm all for his wearing the Olde English D next season. But he's no longer the starting 3rd baseman for a reason, and not just because Miguel Cabrera is now a Detroit Tiger.

As I had such fun debating the merits of Shaun Rogers with myself last week, and Brandon Inge tends to be just as polarizing of a personality as Big Baby is to Detroiters, I felt that another round of "pros and cons" was in order. Let's begin...

Pro: For every Inge highlight reel catch like this...

Con: We see an error like that...

Pro: Inge can legitimately play all 9 positions.
Con: It doesn't make a difference how many positions you can play when you hit .236.

Pro: Inge is the best athlete on the Tigers.
Con: It doesn't make a difference how good an athlete you are when you hit .236.

Pro: Inge wears his socks high.
Con: It doesn't make a difference how high your socks are when you hit .236.

Pro: Inge is the best defensive 3rd baseman on the Tigers.
Con: It doesn't make a difference how good his defense...Screw it, you know the rest...

Pro: Inge has the best range of any 3rd baseman in baseball.
Con: Which gives him an opportunity to boot even more grounders.

Pro: Inge has the best throwing arm on the Tigers.
Con: But not the most accurate. Just ask the fans in the 1st base line box seats who take cover whenever a ground ball is hit to the left side.

Pro: Inge is a very solid defensive catcher.
Con: The Tigers had to threaten Inge with bodily harm, or a trade to Pittsburgh, to get him back behind the plate.

Pro: Inge has 20-25 home run power.
Con: While striking out 150 times.

Pro: Inge desperately wants to start, and you have to like that attitude in a player.
Con: The Tigers aren't quite as desperate, as Inge hit .236 as starter.

Pro: Inge essentially replaces 2 bench players due to his versatility.
Con: While most bench players are just happy to be on a major league roster, Inge is NOT happy. Period.

Pro: Inge is a fan favorite, much in thanks to his being a survivor of the dark, dark 119 loss days of 2003.
Con: So were Mike Maroth and Craig Monroe, and we know what happened to them...


  1. AMEN!

    I'm sick of the Tigers fans (Motown Sports posters, you know who you are) who defend this guy to the end...

    Big Al, you speak the truth. These are my thoughts exactly.

  2. Big Al writes ~> "Pro: Inge can legitimately play all 9 positions."

    The Captain responds with ~>