Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day

The 24 hours of Inge on TWFE continues... But is there anything else going on the D right now?

When it comes to Brandon Inge and Tigers fans, there's no gray area. It's like or loathe, love or hate. There's no middle ground. You either love him more than life itself, or despise him with the intensity of a white hot sun on the verge of going supernova.

Look up "polarizing" in the dictionary, and you'll see Inge's picture.

Which is why the COTD is actually 2 comments from Jon Paul Morosi's conversation with Inge from the Freep, allowing us to see the extremes of Tiger fandom.

First up is densogirl, who wants to inflict bodily harm upon the Tiger that causes such conflicting emotions...

Brandon Inge just doesn't get it. His emotional intelligence is that of a grade-schooler. "I just want to play; it's not fair; doesn't matter how much money I make, I just want to play everyday." Give me a break, doesn't every guy want to play every day? Everyone guy in the minors or riding the pine in MLB would kill to play every day. He still can't admit that his offense is atrocious and he wants to work on it. Not a word about that weakness in his game or that no other team wants him because of that weakness and his huge salary. You don't see him offering to take a lower salary, however. Just shut-up Brandon, and put your money where your mouth is. Every time he whines like a baby, I feel like slapping him silly.

Going by the nickname, that's a fan of the female persuasion wanting to bitch-slap Inge, folks. Even the chicks want Inge to shut the Hell up, and play.

On the flip side of Inge fandom, we have higginson (Is that really you, Bobby? Where's the best strip clubs nowadays?), who takes the Inge haters to task. To the many fans upset by Inge's whiny stance to coming off the bench, higginson points out all the good things he brings to the team...

I'm fine with Inge wanting to play. If he didn't all you bashers would be griping about that. It really sounds a bit "holier than thou."

Is he selfish? He played C, 3b, OF whenever they asked him to. He felt that he established himself as a starting 3b (and based on his contract, the Tigers did too) and he was caught off guard and disappointed by losing his starting job. I don't think he's said anything that any other player wouldn't say in the same situation. I bet once he's had a chance to digest the this, he'll be fine.

Who knows, maybe being the "super utility player" will help him relax at the plate and hit better (hey you never know). But more likely he's going to be able to rest players at just about every position and if there's an injury, he'll be a very good "fill in". If Shef goes down again, Cabrerra can DH and Inge can cover 3b.

Look, the Tigers are stacked with offense...we know Brandon lacks that. But his athleticism and ability to play other positions is where his value is...oh yeah, and he seems to be a great guy in the locker room and around the community.

Keep your chin up Brandon...if you stay in Detroit, you'll be a big part of this puzzle and you'll have plenty of opportunities to contribute...this could be the role you were designed for...

Go Tigers!

All very good arguments in favor of Brandon Inge remaining a Tiger, but it doesn't matter. The Inge lovers will never convince the Inge haters. Never. They may tolerate Inge, but will never, ever embrace him.

It's amazes me that the biggest water cooler story involving the Tigers isn't the trading for Edgar Renteria, Miguel Cabrera, or Dontrelle Willis, or the purging of the farm system in order to acquire those players. It's not Detroit's payroll skyrocketing over the $120 million mark, or the extending Jim Leyland's contract.

The story everyone is talking about is the status of the longest tenured Tiger, an athletic 3rd baseman who hit all of .236 in 2007, and will be a utility man in 2008. If that doesn't show just how fanatical the fans are regarding the '08 Tigers in the D...

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  1. Big Al--you're spot on with this line of thinking with Inge. It is troubling what to do with a guy with a canon for an arm, but boots grounders. Has shown great potential for power, but has that sweeping swing that gives me nightmares.

    I think my biggest frustration with reading about what to do with Inge are the people who would insulate him from certain criticisms just because he was on the 2003 team. Isn't this dangerous thinking?--as if two consecutive strong seasons of good baseball is enough to distance/erase the worst season in Tiger history? It's almost as if to say that people think 2003 could never happen again--and the Tigers somehow owe Inge some allegiance beyond what they should show other players.

    Am I wrong about this? Maybe I'm just being a dick about Inge. After all, its that long sweeping swing of his that I have burned into my memory to end the 2006 World Series.

    Would be interested in what you have to say about it.