Thursday, November 29, 2007

There's a big football game tonight! But thanks to a corporate Mexican standoff, only 5 people can watch

The 4 letter has been babbling non-stop today about Cowboys-Packers. Same with the interwebs. Yet thanks to the pissing match between two insanely rich and profitable entities, the only way I can see even bits and pieces of the big game is by watching those bits and pieces over the 1 1/2" x 2" screen on my nifty Samsung phone generously given to me by Sprint (Gotta get the occasional plug in, you know?), or the same feed on

Again, that feed is not the game itself, but just "Look-ins" and key plays inside the 20, hosted by NFL approved talking heads.

This is just more typical corporate bullshit, with the fan is getting the ass end of the deal.

As a fan, I've been bent over by the cable cartel, the NFL, and the Big 10 all damn football season, and there's no end in sight. We continue to be abused by money grubbing companies who refuse to answer to the wants and needs of their customers, but only to their money grubbing stockholders.

There's no sign of the bitter battles to get the NFL Network and the Big 10 Network on basic cable ending anytime soon, let alone to get those networks on some cable providers, period. I'm stuck with Charter Communications, who stubbornly refuses to carry either channel, pissing me off to no end. But hey, I get the NHL Network! Small consolation...

I'm getting sick and tired of tilting at football windmills. I call, I email, I vent on TWFE, and where has it gotten me? Still shelling out too much God damn money for networks I don't watch. Yet I'm unable to watch what could be the game of the year, as multi-million (Billion?) dollar corporations piss all over fans, rolling around in the cash we fork over every month.

The stalemates between rich ass corporations will continue into basketball season, then into NEXT football season, etc, etc, etc...

I'm tired of writing about it, and I bet you readers, most of you who are going through the same BS, are tired of reading about it. But if we stop bitching and moaning, we'll continue to be treated like meek imbeciles willing to take it in the ass end, then take some more.

I refuse to say to cable, the NFL, and the Big 10, "Thank you sir! May I have another?"

I have my own piss ant bully pulpit, and I'm going to use it!

So if someone is reading from the cable cartel, the NFL, the Big 10, and any other corporate entity that thinks they can take advantage of the fans, because we're FANS, here's a big FUCK YOU!

I'm not going anywhere! I'll continue to be a pain in your fucking asses till you actually listen to the people who pay for your corporate jets, corner offices, 10 martini lunches, and golden parachutes.

The sports fans.

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