Thursday, November 29, 2007

How I'm watching tonight's BIG game

Not better than 30 Rock, but it's better than nothing. Hey, I'll strain my eyes to watch Packers-Cowboys....


  1. I happen to live in the Packers home market -- according to our congressman anyway. So I get it on tv!

  2. You're getting to watch a damn good game. As you can see, I'm stuck with that feed that's doing the live look-in crap! They seem to be cutting to game quite often. So it could be worse. I could have to listen to Bryant Gumble for 3 consecutive hours!

  3. I have had dish network for 10 years and consequently don't getted pissed on nearly as much. Only missed a week or two of Big Ten network and I get NFL network.

    I do have to shell out $10 to $12 more per month if I want to bump up to the package with Versus and ESPNU and other worthless channels but at least I have the option.

    I realize in an apartment or condo you may not have a choice but if you do there is no sane reason to stick with cable.

    Ultimately we need more choice in packages. The consumer should be able to decide if NFL network is worth it instead of the cable cartel deciding MTV is necessary and leaving out good channels.

    The NFL needs to realize that the channel isn't worth much except for 8 nights in a 2 month period.