Friday, November 16, 2007

I think it's safe to say The Gambler is coming back to Detroit

Why, you ask? News regarding Kenny Rogers, and his status as a client of Scott Boras, just hit the wire...

In an unexpected twist to the offseason saga surrounding both free agent pitcher Kenny Rogers and agent Scott Boras, Rogers informed Major League teams on Friday afternoon that he has dismissed Boras and is now representing himself in contract negotiations, multiple baseball sources confirmed Friday afternoon.

Sure sounds as if Rogers wasn't happy as to how uber-agent Boras was handling his free agency. When you combine this news with the email Rogers sent to, which stated his 1st choice was to play in the D...

"I would prefer not to discuss negotiations publicly," Rogers wrote. "I will say that I still hope to be in a Tiger uniform in 2008. Thanks for your understanding and patience during this process."

..It's not hard to put 2+2 together.

Rogers wants to put an end to all the games, and get a deal done with the Tigers. Eliminating Boras allows him to do just that...

When you factor in the utter lack of top-flight free agent pitching, and the Tigers already losing a pair of top prospects to obtain Edgar Renteria, thus making a trade for starting pitching unlikely, let alone risking the future, re-signing Rogers is by far the best option for 2008. Let's hope I'm not misreading the signs.

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  1. Not a good week for Boras, was it? My first thought when I saw Rogers canned him was that Boras was spending too much time on A-Rod. Apparently that wasn't true either.