Saturday, November 17, 2007

I have found the anti-Chris McCosky

It's Bruce MacLeod of The Macomb Daily.

In a post at his "Red Wings Corner" blog titled "Blogs are fine by me," the Red Wings beat writer admits he has a daily habit of reading (And very much enjoying) blogs. He also calls out members of the media who fear and don't understand blogs, the blog culture, and the people who write them.

MacLeod specifically takes umbrage with Chris McCosky (Without naming him), by referencing the Joel Zumaya shoulder injury controversy that pitted the Detroit bloggers vs. the MSM...

I also think that there's been a lot of discussion about bloggers without clear definition. Blogs are not forums. Some of the comments by trained journalists are obviously made about forum posts -- comments left by readers of blogs -- but read as though they're comments made about blogs. Wild speculation and banter about stuff like what happened to Joel Zumaya's arm often appear in forum posts -- often anonymous -- are rarely in blogs. To hang bloggers for forum posts is like hanging a journalist for a letter to the editor.

Finally, a journalist that actually "Gets it!" Who knew?

All I can say is that you have to check out MacLeod's post. It's quite refreshing to read a journalist who admits, that in many ways, sportswriters have considerably more in common with bloggers than they will ever care to admit.

I have no training in hockey other than a handful of lackadaisical house-league coaches and many, many, many hours of watching games on television. Now I've been given training in libel, crediting sources and grammar, but they pay me to grade professional athletes. In fact, my bosses require it of me. Most bloggers don't have journalistic training, but them collecting internet information is no more a reach than me dissecting Brett Lebda's game.

I had to say a smile was brought to this bloggers face when I read that MacLeod enjoys the community feeling we all get from blogs, and that he's "Addicted to those hits." As are we all, Bruce, as are we all...

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  1. Yep, MacLeod is a fan favorite when it comes to covering the Red Wings. He even participates in the Red Wings forum at Red Wings Central.

    As Detroit sports fans we're lucky to have him covering the Wings.