Sunday, September 09, 2007

To all the Atlanta Falcons fans...

...Who 1 month ago ripped me, and defended Joey Harrington, will be singing a different tune. In fact, they now have to be grieving, as they have to come to grips with the realization that their season is going nowhere with Joey Blue Skies at the helm.

For the record, Harrington's stats against the Vikings today were as follows: 23-32-199-2, 6 sacks. Both picks were returned for TD's. Seems Joey took the "Wet toast" offense with him to Atlanta.

I know it's only one game, and it's a very long season, but Falcons fans...I TOLD YOU SO!

By the way, the Falcons message board that linked to my diatribe is down as of 4:15 today. I'm guessing their servers have been overwhelmed by Atlanta fans heading to the internet to bitch about Joey Blue Skies.

Atlanta, welcome to Joey's world.

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