Saturday, September 08, 2007

They ain't happy at The Big House...

I think this sign shown during ABC's broadcast accurately reflects the mood of the Michigan fanbase after a second straight debacle of a loss.

It's not just the losing, but losing in embarrassing fashion. The Detroit Lions look better prepared and more motivated than the Wolverines.


  1. O.K., so it's going to obvious that I am an OSU fan. This may be the biggest understatement I have ever read about anything going on in sports. of course they are not happy in the BIG HOUSE. They have they worst coach in the BIG 10. this team was suppose to run rough-shod over the BIG 10 and our beloved Scarlett and Grey. Right now, they can't beat their own practice squad. This has been sooooooooo fun to watch. But what a dissapointment for the BIG 10. Great representation of what football in the toughest conference in the nation is about. FIRE CARR???????? You should hang his sorry ass from a goal post by his manly region and allow us to stone him with Buckeyes until he is dead. Trust me, we love nothing more than watching you flounder and squirm, but YES, things must be sucking in the BIG HOUSE right about now. By the way, it i9s 1:54 a.m. on Sunday and Michigan still SUCKS.

  2. Couldn't agree more that the Lions look better than UofM. It's sad really, hell has officially frozen over.

  3. Big Dog, the sad thing is I have nothing to rebut your boasts. How could I, and then keep a straight face? I totally agree, Michigan is lousy this season, and Carr needs to retire. You and I know Michigan won't fire his ass.

    BD, it's a sad day in Michigan when the Lions have a better chance at a winning season than the Wolverines.

  4. AL, This wasn't actually intended to be a boastful observation. I understand how it could seem as such, but I didn't mean for it to come out that way. There is an obvious Love / Hate relationship that exists here... WE LOVE TO HATE MICHIGAN!!!!! And we shout it proudly from the mountain tops... specifically the Appalaichan Mountains. But your comment about Michigan not having the stones to toss Carr's rusted ass right along with his rusted offense in the perverbial shitter... or at least into lake michigan, lends credence to my position. We held on to Cooper for WWAAAAAAYYYYYYY too long and you guys love him for it. Now Carr and your brain-trust are following into the same trap. This is a business, no matter shat anyone says. Every ultimate good needs a Michigan, We love to hate them, but not even the folks on top of that university up north can be this damned blind. If they let him hang around til the end of the season, the joke is only going to change a little bit... How do you count to SEVEN in Michigan????

    1 and SIX...

    Carr can't beat Tressel.