Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Please, make it stop. We've heard ENOUGH about Boston sports

I'm up to here with news about Boston teams, and hearing how good they are currently, going to be, or used to be. Enough already!

Did you know that Kevin Garnett was traded to the greatest NBA team of all time, the Boston Celtics? That he's going to play alongside Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, and win multiple titles?

How could you not?

All I've heard since the trade was made is that this makes Boston the favorite in the east, and that having a Celtics team that matters is in the NBA's best interest. Of course, many of those those pronouncements are coming from Boston fans and the east coast centric media.

I thank God every day that there isn't a suck ass movie about the Detroit Pistons fanbase...

First off, having a team that matters in ANY large media market, not just Boston, is in the NBA's best interest. If the Celtics played in Charlotte, multiple titles or not, no one would give a shit.

Till the Celtics find a legit point guard and a center, the only championship they'll have locked up is the one for hype. Hype that the rest of the nation is already tired of in regard to any and every Boston team. (See the hype over the Eric Gagne trade. I hear the Red Sox have already won the AL pennant, and for that matter, Randy Moss has won the 2008 Super Bowl for the Patriots.)

Speaking of hype, has there been a team more hyped in the NFL off season than the Patriots?

Sure, the Pats were bad to average for most of their existence, but since they started winning big? The Pats, and their fanbase, have become insufferable. Tom Brady is better than Peyton Manning, Johnny Unitas, Dan Marino, and Joe Montana, combined. Bill Belichick is not an adulturer who broke up a marriage, but a genius, if not a God. The Patriots have become the "Team " all should emulate. Lord help me...

The expectations for the Patriots, already high, are now through the roof, thanks to their acquiring an admittedly talented, but also a troublemaking, lazy, and well known locker room cancer, wide receiver Randy Moss. If you believe Pats fans, and the MSM (With Belichick acolyte Peter King on point), Moss will lead the Pats to several Super Bowls.

Actually, the only thing Moss has ever lead any team to is trouble, and the nearest bong. But to a championship? Never. But that's not keeping the Boston hype machine from shifting into overdrive.

As bad as it once was for Patriots fans, we've never heard the end as to how tough it is to root for the Red Sox. Right. I'm damn sure it's soul-suckingly hard to root for a team whose payroll rivals the GNP of most European countries.

In case you didn't know, Red Sox fans aren't the only fanbase that has ever suffered. In fact, to say they "Suffered" is overstating things by more than just a little bit, you think?

Historically, the BoSox are almost always competitive, more often than not make the playoffs, can afford to sign the best free agents, and have been doted upon by the MSM. That's suffering?

If given a choice between rooting for the Red Sox, or watching "Fever Pitch,"
I'd have to ask...Is death an option?

So they had some near misses before they won it all in 2004. Ask a fan of, say the Cubs, Mariners or Brewers, if they'd rather have "Suffered" as much as the Boston Red Sox fan. They've had just as much, if not more, heartbreak, than your average Red Sox fan, yet you don't see HBO specials, or awful Jimmy Fallon movies, about those fans. (Let's not even talk about the embarrassment that was "Celtic Pride." Think Dan Aykroyd lists that turkey on his resume?)

Boston fans aren't as special as they'd like to think. They are just like any you would find in Detroit, Philly, or Chicago, to name just 3 cities. Actually, when it comes down to it, they are just as much the bandwagon type in Beantown as you'd find in any other big league city.

The Bruins are ignored. Hell, they've ignored the NHL since Cam Neely retired, and started showing up in every Farrelly brothers flick. The Celtics have been long headed in the same direction as the Bruins, till Danny Ainge somehow stumbled across Ray Allen and Garnett. After those trades, the fans in Boston are going to jump on the Celtics' bandwagon so fast and hard, they'll break it.

Here's a shocker... The sports world does not revolve around the New York-Boston axis. If the Sox don't make the playoffs, despite what the worldwide leader and FOX would like you to believe, the sports world will not come to an end, and the nation will still care who wins the World Series. Same goes for the Patriots and the NFL, and the Celtics and the NBA.

Regardless of rumors to the contrary, the Stanley Cup still gets contested for every year, despite Boston no longer giving a shit about the Bruins. The BCS is still quite the big deal, even though the northeast cares as much about college football as much as I care to watch "Fever Pitch" and "Celtic Pride."

Is there a sports fan with a bigger sense of entitlement than the fans in Boston? Good lord, no. In fact, the Boston sports fan is "Hubris" defined. Supposedly, no fan is better, no fan cares as much, no fan has suffered as long, and no city is as rabid about sports than they are Boston. And they'll tell you as such...

At least, for today anyway, it isn't all about Boston. The Sporting News saw fit to honor a city and fanbase that doesn't have the arrogant pretension of the entitled Boston fan...

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