Thursday, August 02, 2007

According to Ballhype, I'm not a typical sports blogger...

If you haven't already checked out Ballhype's sports blogger study, do so immediately. The survey was a fascinating read looking into who makes up the irreverent, cliquish, introspective, self-referential, incestuous, protect our own world of sports blogs.

The results confirms some stereotypes (Most bloggers are white males under 35), and blows others out of the water (Most bloggers are employed, and don't blog out of their mother's basement while in their underwear).

I found it quite interesting to compare my own circumstances to Ballhype's. I learned that I don't fit the sports blogger demographic, but I figured as much going in. Someone who remembers the 70's in detail isn't your typical sports blogger...

For some reason, they saw fit to quote one of my responses in regard to the question, "How much money do you make from blogging?"

"Money, or no money (mostly no money), if blogging stopped being interesting and fun, I'd shut my blog down in a heartbeat."

Fortunately, or some might think, unfortunately, I'm still having fun, so The Wayne Fontes Experience will be around for some time to come.

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