Thursday, August 30, 2007

After the past 2 dissappointing efforts...

...I'm seriously beginning to wonder how much the Tigers have left in the tank. Tonight's 5-0 loss to the Royals was about as lifeless as it gets. It was a boring game, with little to no energy.

Of course, being 5 runs down almost immediately after the first pitch had something to do with the blase' effort. The game felt over after the 1st inning. For a team that is steadily going backwards in the standings, I just don't feel the sense of urgency that you think would be there. I know that I didn't see a playoff team, at least tonight I didn't. Your eyes don't lie.

Andrew Miller's ugly performance, or lack thereof, was just another example of the starting pitching going right in the tank. I honestly don't trust anyone in the rotation, even Justin Verlander, to give the Tigers a quality start. It's gotten that bad.

I'm at a loss as to what's going on with this team. I know injuries have taken a toll, but to the point where the Tigers are now playing like a 2nd division team? They aren't this bad, shouldn't be this bad, but the record since the All-Star break says differently. For going on 6 weeks, save for the series against the Yankees, nothing has gone right for the Tigers. Absolutely nothing.

I don't have a clue as to what's wrong at this point, and I don't think Jim Leyland does either. Why else would he be playing Timo Perez? It's as if he's just grasping at straws, hoping for a some sort of jolt, something to snap them out of their stupor.

If the Tigers have a run left in them, now's the time. Being 4.5 games out with less than a month left in the season is not insurmountable. It's not insurmountable if the Tigers play anywhere near their supposed capabilities, that is. Thanks to injuries, slumps, mental issues, Timo Perez, and who knows what else, you have to wonder if what we are seeing from this team over the past 6 weeks is all that they are capable of doing.

I hope that's not true, but the Tigers are running out of time to prove otherwise.

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