Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We have conformation as to who are the toughest mofo's on the planet

It's Aussie rugby players.

BRISBANE, Australia — Rugby player Ben Czislowski kept competing for more than three months despite the headaches that started after a clash with an opponent.

Czislowski was playing for Brisbane team Wynnum during the April 1 incident involving Tweed Heads forward Matt Austin. He had a head wound stitched up afterward, the Australian Associated Press reported Tuesday.

Czislowski later suffered an eye infection and complained of lethargy and shooting pains in his head.

That's impressive enough, playing through pain, but most athletes do so (Other than Dominik Hasek). But then comes the kicker...

Then last week, his doctor found a tooth embedded in Czislowski’s head.

Did I read that correctly? He played for 3 months with A TOOTH EMBEDDED IN HIS SKULL?

Jesus Christ, that's hardcore.

Think about it. It's not just the fact that Czislowski played with a molar impacted in his skull, but how hard a blow to the noggin did he take in the first place, that would cause him to end up with some poor soul's tooth drilled into his skull? And he shrugged it off for 3 months?

Sounds disabled list worthy, at the very least. Do they even have disabled lists in rugby? I could see the medical report now...

Probable: Brisbane - Ben Czislowski, dental work, removing opposition's tooth from skull.

You'll never see that listed on your weekly, run-of-the-mill, NFL injury report.

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  1. Uh, yeah...I'm guessing this guy's never sat one out due to "flu-like symptoms".

    I wonder if they're going to send it to the lab to see who's the lucky guy getting his tooth back.