Saturday, April 14, 2007

The stupidity of fans never ceases to amaze me

What's the latest proof that fans, as a whole, can be considered outright idiots?

The "Trade Fernando Rodney" online petition.

Uh..Yeah. That's really smart. I think every other team in MLB would salivate at the thought of acquiring Rodney. This same fool probably wants Jeremy Bonderman taken out of the rotation because he had another shaky 1st inning. For that matter, let's trade or release everyone who has a slow start or a bad inning!

Then, against my better judgment, I read the reader comments section of the game recap in today's Freep. The majority of these people are not exactly rocket scientists. Here's just a few gems of "Wisdom" in that comment thread...

At the end of the year check the losses. The Great Rodney will be involved in them.

I don't think you'll see Rodney up with the club too much longer at this current pace. This is already 3 games this year (not counting most of last season) where he's either lost a game we coulda/shoulda won, or blown a substantial lead.

I think its reality that Rodney is just not a guy we need on the staff....he gets into too much trouble....we should have given Walker his money! the guy was the most consistent player on the Tigers last year....

Good Lord people, get a damn grip!


  1. I'm not a big Rodney fan, but he was definitely solid last season. I think the mistake Leyland made was not bringing Bonderman back out in the 10th. He had thrown less than 100 pitches and another 15 more wasn't going to wreck his arm. He could have had Rodney and/or Jones in the bullpen ready if Bonderman put the first couple guys on base or if his pitch count went over 20 for the half inning.

  2. He certainly wasn't tagged last night. 3 infield hits is not controllable. He does need to play his defensive position better. Rodney was solid last year and deserves some patience but it is not a good sign when his outings create more stress than Todd Jones does. He needs a couple of cleanup innings when we have a 4 run lead to get some confidence back. Unfortunately there has only been one game like this and he was part of the reason it got dangerously close.

  3. Hey I'll take Rodney on the Cubs. Um you want Roberto Novoa back for him?

    Boo Neifi for me.