Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Events far away can hit close to home

If you spend any time at all as a Detroit Tigers fan online, you'll find yourself at what is the best Detroit-centric sports message board around, Motownsports.com. I go there several times a day to read the thoughts of Detroit sports fans, especially the Tigers board. I enjoy spending time at Motownsports, as they don't put up with trolling, and have an extremely knowledgeable and passionate membership.

One of the smartest and most prolific members at Motownsports was Brian Bluhm, better known as "Estrepe1." Brian was a grad student at Virginia Tech. Last night, to the absolute horror of the Tigers fan community, it was confirmed that Brian was killed in the tragedy at Blacksburg.

It's a very sad day for the Detroit Tigers internet community. Brian's death has devastated the members at Motownsports. I really don't know what can be said, other than that my thoughts go out to Brian's, and all the other families, who lost loved ones in the awful events of yesterday.

Motownsports has started a memorial thread for Brian.

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