Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Could the Pistons lose Chauncey Billups in free agency? Not on our watch...

New friend of TWFE, with the similar, yet spookier name, "The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes," have a nice post up in regard to Chauncey Billups re-signing with the Pistons. They are concerned that there is a chance, despite the recent reassurances of Joe Dumars, that Billups will leave for greener NBA pastures at the end of this coming playoff run.

The ghosts say there is no other good option. The only option is keeping Chauncey Billups...

Purportedly, there are a number of teams interested in making a monumental offer for Billups in the off-season, most notably the Bucks, Grizzlies, and Magic with whispers from the Clippers and Nuggets looming as well. Other speculators suspect that Billups will get the marquee, monster contract from the Pistons only to be used as trade bait next season. Alternatively, the Pistons could take a gamble, let him go, and look for a quality point guard in the draft. None of these outcomes are good solutions. Chauncey is a Piston and we want it to stay that way.

The ghosts also asked other Detroit bloggers to chime in with their thoughts on the possibility of life without Chauncey Billups. I was more than happy to contribute my 2 cents. Head on over to "The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes" and find out what we had to say.

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  1. Seems like the Pistons HAVE TO keep Billups if they want any chance to remain competitive. There are no other PG out there that'll be on the market that are anywhere close to as good as Billups... with him, the Pistons are title contenders, without him, they'd be battling to make the playoffs. Seems like Dumars has to do everything possible to keep him.