Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Time to do the links

Real life stuff got in the way of the sports fun and games today. I was out all morning, so I wasn't able to do my normal web trawling or listen to the John Beilein presser. I was able to see the first couple innings of today's Tigers game, and left the house this afternoon with the Tigers well in control, 9-0. Easy win, right?

I came back just in time witness an awful 8th inning, with Magglio Ordonez playing right field as well as I could. In other words, like shit. In the 9th, the Rollercoaster lived up to his reputation, scaring Tigers fans out of their damn minds. Todd Jones continues to put runners on base during his save situations, while spiking Detroit area sales of booze, antacid, defibrillators, and blindfolds. He's got to be getting kickbacks... Still, a win is a win.

Feels like a good time to do a links post.

A new friend of TWFE, The Sports Hernia, honestly cracked me up with some of their recent posts. Magnetic nuts and scholar athletes make for a very entertaining read. Plus, they share my white hot hate for all things worldwide leader, so you know they are good people.

If you haven't already caught on, Ian, an old friend of TWFE, is now putting his distinctive spin on Bless You Boys, the Tigers blog from Sportsblog Nation. Personally, I don't know how he does it. Ian has become ubiquitous in the blogosphere, as I'd swear he has a part in some 25 blogs. Gawker Media has nothing on Ian.

We at TWFE were thrilled to see that the retirement of The Bleacher Guy lasted about as long as Michael Jordan's. I'd normally go into some gambling related conspiracy theory here, but we know that Rob is still on good terms with David Stern... Glad to have you back!

Another new friend of TWFE, the gang of 3 at Rumors and Rants, has a nice take on the Arkansas coaching debacle, calling it a practical joke for the ages.

There are times when you have to ride a practical joke out and take it to the next level. Whether it's a crank phone call when you pretend to be the cops, or when you and your buddies fake British accents while talking to drunk chicks at a bar, sometimes you need to take it to extremes. Well, Dana Altman was really committed to his April Fools' joke. He seriously took it to the edge, and we salute him.

Frank Broyles got "Punk'd!"

Andrew, over at that place that worships Mickey Tettleton, channels John Steinbeck, and...well, go check it out, then also read his apology / Tigers season preview. In fact, Steve Nash's doppelganger has some info as to how Pudge went from locker room cancer to all around good guy.

I picture Leyland coming into the locker room for the first time last spring similar to a new principal walking into an inner city school. Pudge sitting in the back wearing a leather jacket, and smoking saying something like "Hey, holmes, eez chu the janitor or the new jefe," while Alexis Gomez laughed uproariously. Leyland would respond by saying something like, "Get f***ed Pudge, theres a new sheriff in town." Everyone in the room goes "Ooohhhh", Pudge would get up slowly and walk towards the front of the room all calm and cool, laughing incredulously before getting real intense and in Leyland's face, saying "You don't know me old man, you don't know what I've been through." Followed by Leyland responding in Spanish for about 20 seconds, an awkward pause and then Pudge breaking down crying in Leyland's arms, earning Leyland instant credibility and respect throughout the room.

Remember, this crazy ass slacker blogger is well on his way to becoming May God help us all...

Today is the 4th (!) anniversary of one of the grand old blogs of the Detroit blogosphere, TigerBlog. Congrats from a longtime reader, Brian!

Big Al admits he likes the corporate bling

Sprint continues to take a shine to the goings on here at TWFE, and kept me in the Sprint Ambassador program. For the past 6 months I've had the use of a LG Fusic, which worked flawlessly. Now I've just gotten my grubby hands on an absolutely nifty looking Samsung m610, which has a has a coolness factor of which I'm not used to. But I'll try...


  1. Hey, Big Al, thanks for the link to my blog and for re-introducing me to the word doppelganger. If you don't think I'm NOT going to say that word 5,000 times over the next week, than you don't know me very well. It's not until I read my posts on other peoples sites that I realize how atrocious my grammar is, and don't worry about me making it as a lawyer, the over/under on my disbarment is currently at 45 minutes. Thanks.

  2. Big Al, thanks for the link love. And to paraphrase Muhammad Ali, whatever "ubiquitous" means, if that's good, I'm that.

    Oh, and no GF. That's how I get it all done.

    (Though one of the other blogs is surely going to suffer during baseball season.)