Thursday, April 12, 2007

The 2007 Sports Blogger NFL Mock Draft

As Ian mentioned in the comments of my last post, I was invited by Awful Announcing to participate in the "2007 Sports Blogger NFL Mock Draft." As you might have guessed, I'll be making the Detroit Lions 1st round pick.

Awful Announcing doesn't know what he's in for...

So, as any good GM should (Who the Hell knows what Matt Millen does), I'm asking what others think. Whom does the long suffering Detroit Lions fanbase think I should draft? Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

To be honest, I'm very tempted to make the sure, easy pick, in Wisconsin offensive tackle Joe Thomas. I can explore the option of trading down, but finding a willing partner, let alone the logistics of this undertaking, may may that hard. For example, Dan Shanoff, who is making the Raiders pick, is already talking of trading down to the Bucs' number 4 spot. If I try to trade down, I wouldn't want to move farther than 4 or 5. Best case scenario is swapping picks with Cleveland.

I'll be on the clock sometime later tonight, channeling my inner Mel Kiper.


  1. I would like to see Matt Millen select Calvin Johnson. He either turns out to be a great receiver or Matt Millen gets fired. On second thought, it's crazy thinking that WC Ford would grow the pair of testicles required to fire Millen at this point.

    Take Joe Thomas if you want, but please don't take Brady Quinn. The Lions have never developed a quarterback.

  2. I'd echo Calvin Johnson. It will be a fitting irony when the Lions miss out on the best WR prospect in 10 years because Millen is a boob and didn't do his homework on Charles Rogers and Mike Williams.

  3. floting between Thomas and Johnson. Either is a sure thing, I think, so you might not be able to go wrong.

  4. I'd endorse drafting Joe Thomas, as I feel like Millen should've built the offensive and defensive lines from the start, but I'll stick with what I told an out-of-town friend last week.

    If the Lions can't trade out of the #2 spot, I think Millen will nut up, forget about all the crap he'll take, and pick Calvin Johnson.

    Big Al, I say you should do the same.

  5. No no no on Thomas - He has the "flee Detroit for big FA bucks on a real team (i.e. anywhere but Detroit)" vibe, where he might be a rock as the waves of ineptitude wash over him year after year.

    Take the flash or trade out and get extra picks, but don't play it safe - what's left to risk? Making history with 0-16 and finally getting the housecleaning the team needs?

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